Culture | 08.11.2022

Moneybagg Yo Partners With Cannabis Company Trufflez Inc. To Launch NFTs With Exclusive Perks

The rapper's recent weed venture is yet another merger of the cannabis industry, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3 platforms.

Wondering when weed laws will change in the United States is the ultimate waiting game.

Because the plant is still federally illegal, cannabis companies can’t access the stock market or have trouble launching operations in general. For that reason, companies are looking to bypass traditional currency and make use of Web3 solutions.

One of those companies is Trufflez Inc, a cannabis brand that recently partnered with rapper and cannasseur Moneybagg Yo. He also teamed up with the holistic Web3 solutions provider, droppLabs.

Under the recent agreement, the partnership launched the TrufflezNFT. When consumers purchase this NFT;

  •  It gives them access to partner with a licensed weed company
  • Offers exclusive discounts
  • Access to exclusive products
  • Access to profit sharing
  • Access to private events

Moneybagg wouldn’t be so passionate about this venture if it weren’t for the CEO and co-founder of Trufflez, Leo Hairapetian. He allegedly introduced the rapper to new concepts like NFTs.

When it comes to Moneybagg’s role in Trufflez, he overlooks and works in a ton of different roles. For one thing, he’s firmly rooted in the strain selection and breeding process, something a true cannabis connoisseur takes great pride in.

Secondly, he’s also involved in marketing, ensuring each campaign and product emphasizes his attention to detail and his overall vision.

And what was that vision when the brand first launched? At first, it started as a promise to make consumers happy with the best available weed on the market.

Now, the brand is more focused on finding ways to give back to the community. For that reason, the new NFT project came to life as a way for the public to have a part of Trufflez and get involved in its growth.

This is especially helpful in the current prohibition era we’re living in. Now, cannabis companies are diving into crypto, NFTs, and Web3 platforms like never before.

This makes it understandable why companies like Trufflez have hopped on the digital train. For one thing, it gives consumers much easier and safer access to get involved in something that’s federally illegal but incredibly profitable.

Lastly, it’s often thought that digital solutions and platforms like these are going to be the new norm for the cannabis industry. That is until the federal government legalizes weed.

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