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The Best Things To Watch On Apple TV+ Right Now

The end of the year is coming, and with it, the best shows you can't miss this 2023.

Are you bored of looking for something decent to watch on TV? We’re here to rescue you from TV tedium! Apple TV+ has some hidden gems that are like Binoid gummies: delicious, amazing, and totally irresistible!

So, are you ready to discover the pearls Apple TV+ has to offer right now? From intriguing dramas to comedies that will make you burst out laughing, we’ve put together a list of the best shows to make your TV experience anything but boring this November.

These are the best Apple TV+ shows to keep you hooked this month. Before we get into it, consider pairing a night of TV with our favorite product – Binoid THCA Gummies.

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1. The Buccaneers

Step into the opulent world of “The Buccaneers,” Apple TV+’s enchanting offering reminiscent of Bridgerton’s charm. In this captivating drama, we follow a cohort of young women, daughters of wealthy Americans, who embark on a daring journey to London in search of wealthy aristocrats to call their own. Although their wallets do not overflow with riches, their elevated demeanor, captivating beauty, and rebellious spirit make them irresistible in the discerning eyes of many suitors.

Directed by the talented Katherine Jakeways, “The Buccaneers” is a British period drama set in the 1870s. Based on Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel, the series delves into the fascinating cultural clashes that erupt upon the arrival of young women into London’s vibrant social tapestry.

If you’re in the mood for a trip back in time, filled with high society intrigue, elegant ballrooms, and a dash of rebellious spirit, “The Buccaneers” is your ticket to an immersive and captivating escape.

2. The Enfield Poltergeist

Prepare to be spellbound by the chilling tales of “The Enfield Poltergeist,” a riveting documentary available exclusively on Apple TV+. Featuring chilling content, this one-season wonder delves into the disturbing events surrounding the Hodgson family in their London home in the late 1970s.

Narrated in just two episodes, this documentary takes you on a haunting journey through actual audio recordings captured amid paranormal activity.

It all began with the Hodgson family, and the subsequent investigation by curious inventor Maurice Grosse unravels the mysteries surrounding the infamous Enfield Poltergeist.

In the second episode, the focus shifts to the impact of these otherworldly occurrences on Janet, the Hodgsons’ 11-year-old daughter. Witness how the events drew physicists from far and wide, immersing the story in a web of perplexity and unanswered questions.

3. The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent, is a riveting period drama adapted from Sarah Perry’s novel. Transposed to the atmospheric setting of Essex, the story revolves around Cora Seaborne, played by the talented Claire Danes, a widowed Londoner with a passion for science.

Her search for a mythical snake unravels a story of mystery, love, and the enigmatic forces that bind us all together.

When Cora meets charismatic vicar Will Ransome, played by the captivating Tom Hiddleston, the story takes an unexpected turn. Their connection shocks the local community and makes Cora a target for hostility and suspicion as tragedy strikes the town.

In the intricate dance between love and duty, Will finds himself torn between his feelings for Cora and his commitments to his wife and his congregation. A gothic romance unfolds, with the snake as a mysterious backdrop, leaving the audience to wonder if it is a harbinger of evil or a tangible entity.

4. Calls

Get ready for an aural adventure with “Calls,” a unique series that defies convention.

What sets this series apart? Well, you’ll only hear the voices of these A-list actors, as the screen is adorned with text dialogue boxes conveying the words of each character.

Accompanied by mesmerizing, colorful animations that encapsulate the mood and essence of each scene, “Calls” takes you on a dark, dramatic, nail-biting, and downright terrifying journey.

With minimal visual effects on screen, the series challenges the imagination to fill in the gaps, heightening the suspense and excitement, believe us it’s not something you see every day, and without a doubt, it’s completely new.

Within the first five minutes of the opening episode, the confusion transforms into a wild ride of sci-fi and supernatural intrigue that will have you hooked for the entire ride. Adapted from the French series of the same name, “Called” offers compelling and emotionally charged voice performances from the cast

5. Invasion

Prepare to be captivated by the otherworldly narrative of “Invasion,” a gripping sci-fi/fantasy series that has returned for its long-awaited second season.

 The first season of the series drew mixed reviews, as some considered it a prolonged set-up for the big denouement. Now, with the arrival of the second season, fans are eagerly awaiting the resolution.

Immerse yourself in the sci-fi genre with “Invasion,” which invites you to experience the aftermath of an alien incursion through the eyes of various characters from around the world. If you like the thrill of the unknown and are looking for something new in the sci-fi realm, “Invasion” may be the cosmic journey you’ve been looking for.

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