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Pacific Stone Proudly Grows California’s Best-Selling Flower

Pacific Stone sees cannabis cultivation as a labor of love, and its flower reflects that.

If you’re a California native or happen to visit a dispensary in the state, chances are you’ve landed on Pacific Stone’s products.

There’s a reason why the brand’s strains are constantly flying off the shelves. Pacific Stone has positioned itself as a leader in the California cannabis space thanks to its single-sourced, premium greenhouse flower that’s landed the brand several awards.

Wondering what all the hype is about? Get to know more about Pacific Stone and its premium flower below.

About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone comprises a group of family and friends from the 805 who share their passion for growing clean and consistent cannabis in sunny California. For Pacific Stone, cultivating cannabis is a labor of love, and its many best-selling strains genuinely speak for themselves.

The brand was founded in 2015 and prides itself on never outsourcing flowers, only selling what’s grown in its greenhouse. In fact, the cultivators here are also sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse growers; their passion for clean cultivation is in their genes.

Now, as Pacific Stone continues turning heads in California, the brand stays focused on delivering the highest quality Pacific Stone flower at the Pacific Stone price. What does that mean? Expect the highest quality premium flower at affordable prices.

Pacific Stone believes access to good quality cannabis is a right, so the brand works around the clock to bring us farm-direct cannabis year-round at the best possible prices. What’s better than that?

Pacific Stone Pre-Rolls

Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake strain in 3.5g is currently California’s 5th best-selling flower, according to industry data firm Headset.

The brand’s pre-rolls are crafted from their high-quality whole flower, never rolled with any shake or trim, ensuring a consistent experience each time around. These slow-burning pre-rolls come in strains suited for everyone, featuring potent Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite strains featured in their perfectly crafted pre-roll line.

Wedding Cake

Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake pre-rolls pack a heavy Indica punch. This rich frosty strain offers deliciously sweet and aromatic terpenes with hints of vanilla. It’s quite the heavy-hitting pre-roll, one that’s often used for its sedative effects to calm the mind and body. It’s an exceptional smoke featuring California’s 5th best-selling flower.

Blue Dream

Crossing Blueberry with Haze, we get one of California’s most famous and iconic Sativa strains. Its berry-like terpenes offer refreshing and fruity aromas that pull you in for more. The result is an uplifting, clear-headed, and creative high that’s perfect for a midday pick-me-up or wake n’ bake buzz.

805 Glue

Welcome to the 805. This cannabis strain first appeared in Southern California areas with the 805 area code. It’s a potent hybrid strain that blesses the user with a euphoric and relaxed high. The perfectly-crafted pre-roll offers the cerebral buzz of a Sativa and the physically relaxing sensations of an Indica. Prepare for bliss when sparking up this bad boy.

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