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Psilouette Brand: Psychedelics Wellness Products

Find your perfect dose and begin your journey to all-around wellness today.

Entering the world of psychedelics can seem intimidating. Finding your perfect dose isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Like cannabis, it takes some serious trial and error with psychedelics to achieve your desired state of being. 

That is until recently. With decriminalization (and hopefully legalization) right around the corner, now is a better time than ever to explore the world of functional mushrooms and how they can benefit the mind, body, and soul. Brands like Psilouette are leading the way with high-quality, easy-to-dose, clean entheogenic products for beginners and seasoned users alike. 

Whether you’re unaware of your perfect dose or know your tolerance like the back of your hand, Psilouette strives to help you achieve your desired state of balance through the intentional use of medicinal mushrooms. Learn more about the brand and their products below. 

About Psilouette

Psilouette is an entheogenic wellness company dedicated to sharing the healing powers of psychedelics. They firmly believe the mind is the foundation of human health and promote intention-driven lifestyles along with their neuro-active supplements to help you feel your best mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Psilouette was founded by Derek Chase, a former executive who left his job in corporate beauty to focus on sharing the benefits of psychedelics with the masses. He was set on finding a way to use his knowledge of psychedelic healing to impact lives everywhere. 

That’s when he launched Psilouette, followed by their flagship product, the Entheogenic Mushroom Gummies. Through each product, Psilouette strives to promote the intentional use and research of medicinal mushrooms and their benefits when combined with therapies like psychotherapy, mindfulness exercises, meditation, and creative work. 

A portion of the proceeds from online orders at Psilouette goes directly to MAPS, a non-profit organization committed to researching the potential therapeutic benefits of alternative treatments for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Primum Non Nocere

This Hippocratic phrase translates to “First, Do No Harm,” also known as the oath doctors and physicians take that promises to avoid harm to their patients. 

Psilouette honors this tradition and brings you effective natural healing treatments for intentional use. The brand is keen to recommend using their products with a clear intention in mind, like supporting your mental health through assisted psychotherapy. 

Assisted or not, finding your perfect dose in the world of psychedelics can seem intimidating. Luckily, Psilouette offers a wide variety of entheogenic edibles at different doses to help you find your perfect fit. 

We suggest starting with Acclimate Gummies, intended for first-time users unaware of their ideal dose. They contain 250mcg psilocybin per package, with 0.25mg Fruiting Body Mushroom per gummy. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain full-spectrum actives to help you achieve well-rounded bliss. 

Once you’re more comfortable in the world of entheogens and eager to explore new sensations, opt for Psilouette’s Entheogen Gummies, containing 2mg Fruiting Body Mushroom per gummy. Psilouette describes the effect of these gummies as straddling “the line between perceptible and imperceptible,” depending on your tolerance. 

We cannot stress the importance of using these products with intention. After all, research shows that using neuro-active supplements with intention and goals can enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The time to begin your journey to wellness is now. 

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