Remembering Robin Williams: Hilarious Cali Weed Stand-Up

The legacy Robin Williams has left behind is vast. This is one of our personal favorites. We love and miss you Robin!

Aug 9, 2015 - HERB

It is still so tough to cope with the fact that Robin Williams is gone. It is safe to say that we will all continue to miss such a talented man who has touched our hearts in one way or another through his talents. We just can’t wait to see his last film on the big screen as weird and spine-tingling as it’ll be.

However, we can all remember Robin Williams correctly by smiling, laughing, and being moved by his legacy he has left behind. One of our favorites? His extremely hilarious stand-up special that included a piece about “Cali Weed.”

We don’t even have to say any more since you should be watching this already! We love and miss you Robin! You will always continue to make us laugh and smile.


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