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Rohan Marley’s Roots Luxury Brand ‘Lion Order’ Wants To Hear Your Roar

Lion Order is equally passionate about the future of ritualistic consumption as they are about the history of Rastafari culture rooted in Jamaica.

Rohan Marley doesn’t just carry his father’s legacy but carves a new path for herb lovers everywhere. His roots luxury brand, Lion Order, is a true reflection of the contemporary cannabis advocate who adorns their altar with accessories that let them puff with confidence. 

Expect nothing less than vintage, artful, and sophisticated designs that evoke a higher consciousness and return you to your life purpose.

After all, “Herb is the healing of a nation.” – Bob Marley

What inspired you to launch a roots luxury brand that preserves your cultural roots while elevating the herb experience with luxurious items?

My legacy is to create something that brings people together. Unity drives me. That’s why I created the movement LION ORDER.  Roots Luxury is a mindset and the commitment to living your truth. That we can respect our Roots and still enjoy the finer things in life. Roots Luxury is growing up in Jamaica and watching a Rastaman smoking a spliff sitting on the hood of a BMW. 

In terms of your experience with the herb, what does this plant mean to you? How does it help align you with your greater purpose?

My relationship with this plant is generational. I grew up eating seeds off of my Father’s surry board and smoking the chalice at age 7. Sitting in the circle with all the elders. This is my life. My father’s mission was to spread unity and oneness. This is my way of sustaining the mission. 

Why is pre-pulling a joint important to you? Does this help you predict your experience with certain strains?

As we develop our proprietary genetics, it all comes through I. Everything I share with you, I share with my family. We eat together. When I pre-pull, I want to taste those notes, those terpenes. We want to taste the Herb before the fire with all those aromas. Especially as we work on perfecting our strains. We collaborate with Heavyweight Heads, who consistently grow the best herb I know of. They are committed to the same standards of excellence as we are from the pre-pull to the exhale. 

What strains or products do you use most often? Do you prefer joints, blunts, pipes, or bongs?

I build I spliff with the best. That Detroit. LION ORDER. 

King Clementine, Island Sunshine, Roadblock, Hurricane, and Gully Kush. 

Are there any brands you’d like to collaborate with in the future? What do you look for in a brand when looking to collaborate?

We plan to collaborate often. The spirit of the universe is collaborative. We would love to work with brands in many spaces and already have a few partnerships in the works. We love KITH, 45 RPM, S.T. Dupont. We look for alignment, shared values, and above all – quality. 

Why is an artwork such an integral part of Lion Order? How does your brand’s artful packaging elevate the user’s experience?

We use our artwork to tell a very specific story of the Jamaican Herb culture I experienced as a child in the 1970s. For example, our Indica dominant strain ROADBLOCK is a day in the life of the Rastaman living his normal life in Jamaica, facing what he faces for just a little bit of Herb. We were the movers and cultivators when they told us we were breaking the law. The Coptic movement in Jamaica in the 70s was the first legalized movement. These events are so important to the culture. The Herb is a sacrament. A way of life. This is the story of LION ORDER. Rastafari. 

What accessories or apparel are you most excited to launch in 2023? What should we expect from Lion Order?

We put a lot of importance on having the best flower, and the best accessories for their storage, preparation, and consumption. LION ORDER accessories are going to be thoughtfully designed art objects. Pieces to be proud of, with permanence, that is useful, practical, and beautiful. Pieces like the S.T. Dupont lighter I use every day. While the accessory category is evolving, we will make our mark, creating truly elevated pieces for the sophisticated connoisseur.

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