Herb’s Holiday Gift Guide 2020

From portable vaporizers to tasty edibles, choosing the perfect present is tough when you are overwhelmed by possibilities. That's why we've put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for weed lovers. Whether you'll be treating yourself, a friend, or a family member, here are all the best weed gifts for the end of year festivities.

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The year is ending, and everyone’s favorite season is here. Finally, 2020 is coming to an end. And what better way to celebrate it than with a weed gift.  You can never go wrong with a weed-friendly gift, no matter how big or how small. Not only will the herb get your loved ones extra lifted this holiday season, but it can also cure your holiday blues, something all too real this time of year. 

From portable vaporizers to tasty edibles, choosing the perfect present is tough when you are overwhelmed by possibilities. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for weed lovers. Whether you’ll be treating yourself, a friend, or a family member, here are all the best weed gifts for the end of year festivities.

The Best Weed Gifts For The Holiday Season

Clean Green Certified Hemp CBD Products From Alliance Hemp Co.

The Brand: Alliance Hemp Co. looks and acts exactly like what a hemp company should. They produce high-quality hemp CBD through sustainably clean & green practices. Because Alliance Hemp Co. products are crafted by the company from seed to sale, they are able to ensure a reliable finished good that epitomizes the meaning of ‘remarkable’. The owner and lead grower of the company make an enviable tag team with a combined 25 years of cannabis cultivation and overall industry experience that manifests itself in an extensive but carefully crafted product line-up.  that includes; Hemp pre-rolls, Moon Rocks, Terpsolates, all-organic U.S. certified CBD hemp flower and CBD tinctures.

Must-Try: Everything Hemp. Alliance Hemp Co. has managed to create extremely high-quality hemp products. Their exceptional hemp flower is accompanied by an equally impressive portfolio of tightly and professionally wrapped hemp joints that will not disappoint. Aside from flower and pre-rolls, Alliance also dabbles in Moon Rocks and Terpsolates, although ‘dabbling’ doesn’t do justice to what they’re accomplishing here; masterfully extracted and packaged terpsolates and moon rocks that will put a long-lasting smile on your face.


A Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer From Arizer

The Brand: Slowly but surely, tokers have migrated to the more efficient and convenient alternative of Electric vaporizers, rather than rigs that require a ton of maintenance. Arizer makes precision vaporizers designed with incredibly accurate temperature control, top of the line material that delivers the smoothest & tastiest vapor you’ve ever tried, and engineered smartly in a way that allows you to spend more time enjoying and less time cleaning.

Must-Try: The Extreme Q. Also known as “The Original Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer,” the Extreme Q has true convection heating and precision temperature controls that allow it to fully activate your herb’s terpenes, producing the tastiest vapor and maximizing your weed’s potential. Use it by filling balloons or drawing directly from it employing the whip system. Using the Extreme Q couldn’t be easier. Its remote control lets you fully customize your sessions without needing an app. The Extreme Q combines versatility, convenience, and safe vaping into a premium device that delivers the tastiest vapor possible. 


Omura’s Revolutionary Whole Flower Vape Pens

The Brand: Omura is cannabis vaporizing at its finest. The only heat-not-burn device in the market that allows you to keep careful and accurate control of your dose while vaporizing uniquely cultivated whole flower. Omura has launched two different vaporizers to date. The Series X is their newest and most efficient item; a first of its kind vaporizer engineered with a dual heat source oven outfitted with heat-not-burn technology that gently warms the whole THC and hemp CBD flower with a patented heat curve.

Must-Try: The Series X. We acknowledge that we might be sounding a bit repetitive by now, but we just have to mention the Series X one more time. A foresakingly ahead-of-the-pack piece of technology. A flower vaporizer with a dual heat source oven that uses heat-not-burn technology that keeps plant material uncharred and impressively thick, yet smooth vapor clouds.


Stylish Smoking Glassware From Session Goods

The Brand: Bongs and water pipes being frat house exclusives is a misconception, stereotypical, and definitely, a thing of the past. Session Goods materializes this into beautifully designed, functionally engineered, long-lasting, and unapologetically simple to use designer water bongs and pipes. 

Must-Try: The Session Bong & Session Pipe. The Session Bong is a modernly designed, durable, and easy to clean piece of equipment that deserves a spot on your coffee table. A ‘designer bong’ that truly lives up to the name; made from high quality 4mm thick borosilicate glass, this bong just ‘feels’ high-end. On the other hand, the Session Pipe is a compact piece made with 2.5mm thick black tinted borosilicate glass that delivers a smooth and unbelievably cool hit. The pipe comes with a protective carry sleeve designed to fit the pipe perfectly that works as a key chain.


The World's First Water Based CBD, CBG, and CBN Drops From RESET Bioscience

The Brand: RESET Bioscience is home to the most efficient and advanced way to get CBD in the market today. Based out of Austin, Texas, this brand makes it a point to help consumers learn about the product they’re purchasing, rather than just focusing on making a sale. This year, the company has won the John MacKay Award for Best Scientific Advancements in the CBD Industry, a distinction that endorses the research & development efforts that RESET Bioscience puts into their products.

Must-Try: RESET Ritual Line. At RESET they have become masters of the ‘never-before-seen’ type of goods. The RESET Ritual line is the world’s first uniquely water-based, THC-free ingestible drops. They are specifically designed to deliver a fast and effective onset accompanied by an uncharacteristically pleasant flavor if you compare them to traditional oils and tinctures. RESET Ritual comes in three different varieties; CBG, CBD, and CBN, each one formulated to meet a specific goal.


LEUNE’s Honestly Grown California Cannabis

The Brand: At Herb, we love companies that are focused on delivering high-quality products without forgetting the true meaning of what cannabis culture is all about and passing on the torch to the new generations. LEUNE is a California born lifestyle brand that embodies that creed. They understand that getting high is only a minimal part of cannabis culture and materialize that into a beautiful product line-up.

Must-Try: Live Resin, PAX Pods & Flower. There’s nothing like a collab product that’s worth the hassle. That’s what LEUNE has done with their single source live resin PAX pods. Made with cannabinoid-rich, strain-specific extracts sourced from frozen flower that maintains a perfectly untouched flavor profile. But if you do not own a PAX device, then LEUNE has you covered with their Mimosa Sativa-dominant hybrid flower bud. A flower bud with a particularly fruity undertone and a citrus finish that delivers an uplifted and euphoric feeling.


Blazy Susan’s Spinning Rolling Tray To Keep Your Stash In One Place

The Brand: If you’re looking for a one of a kind smoking and rolling accessory, Blazy Susan is the place you’re looking for. The mother brand of the spinning rolling tray that brings color and joy to the art of rolling joints. Blazy Susan is not limited to rolling trays though, you’ll be able to find all sorts of smoking accessories, rolling papers, and pre-rolled cones with a distinctively PINK design.

Must-Try: The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray. This rolling tray allows you to keep all your rolling material in the same place without risking unwanted clutter. Not only that, but it’s a unique-looking product that you won’t find anywhere else. Say goodbye to broken glassware or missing lighters, everything has a place in the Blazy Susan.


Organic THC Detox Products From EpicOrganic

The Brand: EpicOrganic is a Florida-based health and wellness brand that offers solutions to your problems while driving you into a world of new, healthier practices. EpicOrganic’s THC detox products are carefully engineered to help you eliminate unwanted toxins from your body while at the same time accelerating natural detox up to 200%, promoting optimal digestive health, and an overall better body functioning. Their products are 100% safe, vegan, and made from clinical grade ingredients.

Must-Try: 7-Day THC Detox Bundle. However vehemently pro-weed you are, the reality does not change and hits us in the face. Sometimes you just need to get rid of all the THC in your body. EpicOrganic’s 7-day THC detox bundle is specifically devised to get rid of unwanted toxins including THC and other cannabinoids. For those times when you need to pass a drug test or just feel like taking a quick break from the ganja. Use the code HERB for a 20% discount on your entire order!


CBDfx’s High Potency CBD Gummies

The Brand: CBDfx was created with the belief that everyone should have access to the remarkable wellness benefits found in CBD. Over the last six years, CBDfx has grown from its San Fernando Valley roots to become the fifth-largest privately held CBD company in the world with more than 100 employees. With a dedication to providing the finest full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products on the market, CBDfx continues to grow by providing the best products possible from the highest-quality ingredients.

Must-Try: Vegan CBD Gummies. Their hugely popular gummies now come with an extra 25 mg of top-quality broad-spectrum CBD per piece. With each serving, you’ll get a whopping dose of 50 mg or CBD. CBDfx gummies are 100% vegan, gelatin-free, and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners. Their gummies are enhanced with multivitamins and superfoods to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. 


Premium Dual-Use Vaporizers From DaVinci

The Brand: DaVinci is the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced portable vaporizers. Using meticulous material selection, and innovative designs DaVinci creates flawless user experiences. With Smart-Path Technology and Bluetooth App integration, DaVinci is revolutionizing the vaporizer industry.

Must-Try: The IQ2. If you’re looking for the top of the heap when it comes to portable vaporizers, then you’ve found it. This dual-use vaporizer from DaVinci allows you to vape concentrates and dry-herb alike. By being able to adjust the air-flow and temperature you can rest assured you’ll always have an accurately vaped material with air that does not burn your throat constantly.


True Full-Spectrum CBD Products From Five CBD

The Brand: Five CBD is a brand with a clear purpose, redefining full-spectrum CBD. Their motto is not to take any shortcuts and avoid skipping important steps in the extraction process that guarantee you get all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and benefits you expect. Their products include CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and a deliciously crafted chocolate.

Must-Try: Full-Spectrum Edibles. Offering a selection of mouthwatering products for every moment such as gummies with melatonin to help you sleep better, The Daily Buzz gummies with a little THC to get you going, or their newly released CBD chocolates for a tasty delight, Five CBD has something for everyone.


Stealth Pipes From Genius Pipe

best weed gadgets 3

The Brand: Genius Pipe is the new generation of smoking devices. Its sleek, stylish design makes Genius devices perfect for on the go smoking. Using patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors, Genius devices provide the smoothest, coolest, and properly filtered smoke possible, without requiring any water. Its premium materials make Genius devices super durable and highlight the flavors and aromas of your product. Go with Genius if you want some next-level smoking.

Must-Try: The Top Secret Stealth Pipe. A three-piece metal device perfect for discreet smokers. Inside its two main body pieces, there’s a patented air cooling system that lowers your smoke’s temperature and stops any impurities from getting into your lungs. The third piece acts as a lid that can be slid in or out to reveal the bowl. When you want to hit it, just slide the lid, fill it up, take your hit, and close it back up. Nobody’s going to notice you just smoked.


BONUS: Herb's Limited Edition Sour G CBG Flower

For this holiday season, we released our first-ever cannabis product. And it’s a perfect stoner gift option! Being a true sativa with 13.5% CBG, this is a flower you can smoke all day long without ever feeling intoxicated or tired. Instead, thanks to the properties of CBG, you’ll feel a boost in calm energy, an uplifted spirit and an overall sense of calm invade you with every puff.

Sour G is a rare CBG sativa grown organically in small batches in state of the art facilites in the US. It has been hang dried, hand-trimmed, and slow-cured following a proprietary 21-day system that enhances the plant’s natural terpenes. The result is a mouthwatering flower featuring hints of fresh diesel and citrus followed by a peppery finish. A strain to let you chill and be productive without feeling intoxicated or foggy, something we all need after this crazy 2020.


December 18, 2020 — Last Updated January 13, 2021
Written by Herb
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December 18, 2020 — Last Updated January 13, 2021
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