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Your Guide to Smoking Weed in the Apocalypse

The obligatory switch to a more isolated lifestyle can be a good opportunity to explore another side of ourselves, and to enjoy our favourite plant without the occasional—the inevitable—twinge of social anxiety. But only if you’re prepared with the right equipment. Created with Genius Pipe.

The world is rapidly changing, and cannabis consumers of all stripes need to rethink how to best consume their favourite plant, and keep the positive vibes high, despite being on a sort of global house arrest. Weekends spent socializing with friends at the bar have turned into solitary, tranquil nature walks. If you’re prepared, the obligatory switch to a more relaxed lifestyle is a good opportunity to explore another side of ourselves, and to enjoy our favourite plant without the occasional—the inevitable—twinge of social anxiety. But only if you’re prepared with the right equipment. 

In times like these, we’re reminded that cannabis access—both in terms of buying, and consuming it—hasn’t always, and may not always, come easy. That’s why we’re releasing our comprehensive, cannabis survival guide: your number one resource to consuming cannabis under even the most exceptional circumstances.

Whether you’re trying to consume cannabis discreetly at home, or bring your session on the go, this is your comprehensive cannabis survival guide.

How to Smoke Weed if You Live in a Disapproving Household:

These days, we’ve been spending more time than ever getting to know our introverted sides and exploring our home-lives. But for some cannabis consumers, this is a more enticing prospect than for others—mainly depending on your living situation.

While being forced into weeks of Netflix binge watching and enjoying the comforts of home may sound almost ideal for some cannabis consumers who live independently, if you’re living with disapproving roommates or family members, this translates into many clandestine, paranoid smoke sessions and an endless list of excuses for why you might need to step out of the house for 10 minutes.

In these circumstances, it’s best to choose your smoking method carefully, so you can smoke secretly, and successfully . Try reaching for a cannabis accessory that’s specifically designed for low-key smoke sessions, like the Genius TOP Secret Stealth pipe.

Since most cannabis consumers have access to a window they can blow their smoke out of, the trickiest part of smoking in a disapproving household is managing the smoke that trails off of the end of your lit cannabis, whether it be rolled into a joint, or packed into a pipe or bong.

That’s why the Genius TOP Secret Stealth pipe is designed so that you can pack a bowl, then slide the pipe’s metal cover over it, which is designed with a small slit in the shape of the Genius logo. This allows just enough open space above your packed cannabis flower so that the flame from your lighter can ignite your herb without smoke trailing off and into your room.

With this ingeniously designed pipe, as long as you have a window to blow the smoke out of, your session will remain contained and undetected.

Take a Cannabis-Infused Adventure in the Great Outdoors:

When you’re trying to start the day off on a productive note, you reach for coffee. When you’re looking for peace of mind on the other hand, there’s hardly a better combination than nature and cannabis. But if you’re going to pursue a cannabis-infused adventure to relax the mind and nourish the spirit, the last thing you want to have to deal with is a cluttered backpack of unorganized accessories, or to try and pick apart your flower by hand while the wind tries to sweep it away.

The goal of an outdoor adventure is an escape from stress. That’s why we recommend investing in an easy and organized cannabis kit that lets you prepare and consume your flower and concentrates with ease no matter where you are.

Next time you’re preparing for an outing, enlist the help of the Genius Travel Kit so that you’re organized, prepared, and discreet. This expertly designed travel case comes complete with a Genius Mini pipe, and Kannastör Grinder, so that whether you’re sitting in a breezy ocean side enclave, or on top of a windy mountain peak, you can easily prepare and consume your cannabis, stress free. No bulky backpack needed, no finger-grinding your flower, and no strong breeze carrying your freshly ground flower away into oblivion. 

Take your cannabis with you in anywhere, discreetly, and without fear:

Even if you do live independently, you’re not always going to want to have your sessions at home. Maybe you need to cross the city to a friend’s house, have to run errands in the city, or simply want to be prepared for any last-minute session opportunities. Depending on what state or country you live in, and with heightened anxieties in public these days, even an innocuous session in the park may carry the risk of awkward interactions with law enforcement.

If you’re in a situation where you’ll need to open your backpack frequently in public, it can be uncomfortable when a waft of dank cannabis flower escapes from your backpack and alerts those around you to your private habits. This is particularly applicable for regular cannabis consumers, who like to always be prepared for an impromptu session.

That’s why we recommend investing in a Genius Adventure Kit, so you’re always prepared for a session, but those around you don’t need to know it. The Genius Adventure Kit is a sleek and stylish backpack that comes with everything you need for your next session.

It is not only smell-proof, but also water-resistant, so in case you get caught in the rain, your gear remains dry. The Genius Adventure Kit comes complete with a Genius Classic Pipe, a GeniusWear Backpack, and a  Kannaster Grinder.

Our overall recommended Cannabis Survival Kit:

If always being prepared for a quality session with your favourite cannabis products is important to you, the best product you can invest in right now is the Genius Survival Kit. This revolutionary, all-in-one cannabis survival kit contains everything you need to smoke, dab, roll a joint, or vape, all perfectly contained in a smell-proof, water-resistant, and stylish backpack.

With the Genius Survival Kit, you can take all of your favourite cannabis accessories on the go, whether it be on a day of running errands, or a sunset adventure in the great outdoors. And best of all, you never have to choose between different cannabis consumption methods. With the Genius Survival Kit, you’re prepared with the tools you need to consume the cannabis products you want, when you want, with 100% discretion.

The Genius Survival Kit comes complete with a Genius Pipe, V-Syndicate Dab slider, Genius TrueTaste™  Screens, a G-Stone, Genius Fresh spray (to eliminate unwanted odours), and a Genius Sponge to clean your favourite accessories.

Click here to buy the Genius Survival Kit, so you never again have to rustle through a bag of jumbled, unorganized, and dank smelling cannabis gear. It’s time to get organized, remain discrete, and smoke in peace.

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