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Learn | 04.08.2022

These Danish Designed Cannabis Accessories Will Change Your Smoking Experience

Let's look at how HØJ wants to take over the world, the world of cannabis.

Every smoker has a need for gadgets that can improve the user experience behind consuming cannabis. This is quite a task for some brands, but HØJ makes it look easy.

Innovation and excitement have become secondary objectives for many cannabis product brands. Their designs may have already gotten stale and boring, but all that is over with how this Danish brand has decided to approach the market.

HØJ is a powerhouse of design, innovation, and creativity. Their youthful and inspiring designs carry meaning and pride over wanting to change the cannabis game, and to be honest, they’re some of the most beautiful pieces out there yet.

Their slick designs and meaningful devotion to the ritual and tradition of smoking flower is impressive.

About HØJ

Photo courtesy of HØJ

HØJ is about respecting and elevating the cannabis user experience. HØJ’s whole philosophy, mission, and vision revolve around honoring and elevating the ritual of smoking.

This Danish brand values taking care of your smoking needs, whether that means creating intriguing pieces that sport exciting designs or the best consumables like filters and papers that may come with a golden prize.

HØJ does it clean and straightforward, with very minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing pieces that follow four fundamental values. The HØJ values are craftsmanship, nature, simplicity, and respect.

If we take these values to heart and focus our cannabis consumption around craftsmanship, respect for nature and ritual, and simplicity, we will ultimately take it to the next level.

Not only is HØJ a producer of incredible and sexy products, but they also invite us to do better and consume better.

About The KLIP Grinder

Photo courtesy of HØJ

The HØJ Klip is a technologically advanced tool that will allow you to perfectly turn a curated flower into a fluffy, powdery substance that can be used in pipes, bongs, and for rolling.

The Klip features a bladed design that guarantees your flower gets an even and delicate fluff, unlike others that shred and tear the flower. This is great because you get a more consistent product to roll with or put in your pipe, and the result is better aesthetically and in terms of potency.

This grinder is beautiful, but the most exciting part is the internals and features. The bladed operation will guarantee your herb’s integrity, but what’s important to note is that you get three different meshes and control disks that customize your experience to produce the best results that also go along with your needs.

This grinder will never crush your herb or cake it together. Its frictionless system creates the perfect conditions for milling your flower. All the parts are easily cleanable and connect through the magic of magnets.

Get your Danish KLIP grinder today for just $150 or the mini version for $120. You will get a premium metallic grinder made of stainless steel and polished aluminum.

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About The KOL Pipe

Photo courtesy of HØJ

As with the KLIP, HØJ went all out with the KOL‘s design and engineering. This is one of the most innovative pipes out there, if not the most innovative, and it’s due to the way HØJ has designed it from the inside out.

This two-piece pipe has a neatly designed internal system that filters and cools the smoke as it passes through grooves and crevices that mechanically make the toke smoother. It has a neatly designed bowl that will make it easier for you to load and operate.

If you go for the KOL pipe, which will set you back $100 or $80 for the mini version, you can match it with a Klip grinder’s funnel accessory to easily load your ground flower into the bowl. This fully metallic pipe seems to be a one-piece tool because it is beautifully crafted, but it’s held together by magnets. So you can easily dismantle and clean the pipe, put it back together and be on the road again.

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About The Hamp Papers

Photo courtesy of HØJ

HØJ has decided they are the makers of the purest and thinnest papers on the market. Their hemp-derived rolling papers are neatly packaged in a beautiful pack that contains 33 Papers, 32 Air Filters, and a rolling tray.

If you’re lucky enough to find a 24k gold, smokable paper, you will get gifts from the brand. These occur in every thousandth pack, and at the rate you smoke, you might be lucky enough to get your hands on some sick HØJ merch.

The Hamp rolling papers are made to burn steady and even come with near filter booklets and an amazing package with all you need to get going. At this rate, all you’re going to need are the KLIP grinder and KOL pipe to go along.

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