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Meet Nakie Coquette: The Sexy New CBD Beauty Brand You Didn’t Know You Needed

Give back to the planet and experience plant magic with Nakie Coquette's retro luxe beauty products.

Finding a brand you can resonate with is tough. This is especially true for women in search of cannabis-based beauty products, ones that are clean, sustainable, and empowering.

Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been on the hunt for sustainable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing beauty products from the cannabis industry for years.

If you can relate, you’ll be pleased to know that one CBD beauty brand has your back. Enter Nakie Coquette Beauty, a purpose-driven retro-luxe, CBD-infused beauty brand that promises to make sustainability sexy.

Plus, the brand gives back with each purchase and uses the cleanest, ethically-sourced ingredients possible. What’s better than that?

About Nakie Coquette Beauty

Photo by Chris Paul Thompson

Co-founded by two trailblazers and go-getters, Niki Schwan and Jessica Penzari, both ladies know that aging gracefully isn’t always…graceful.

Interestingly, Schwan and Penzari are open about their lack of botox and fillers and how that’s slowly becoming “taboo” in the clickbait era. For that reason, they were adamant about bringing safe, quality skincare to the masses to help us natural beauties age gracefully.

All beauty essentials from Nakie Coquette Beauty come in unique refillable and collectible containers, paying homage to an era when beauty products were meant to be cherished and reused.

With many brands championing clean products and sustainability, what makes Nakie different? The brand is proudly Leaping Bunny Certified, the gold standard in cruelty-free. Furthermore, with each purchase at Nakie, the brand gives back to causes like PERIOD, eradicating period poverty, while planting a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

The Nakie Coquette Mission

Both Schwan and Penzari are firmly rooted in their mission to destigmatize cannabis and plant medicine. In fact, the brand sees plant medicine as “plant magic.”

As the brand celebrates their one year anniversary, the founders have been vocal about the rampant censorship of the plant and how it has affected their journey. 

The brand stands out from the rest due to its mission to make sustainability sexy. Schwan’s career thus far has been built around her philosophy that women feel the most empowered when they feel sexy and beautiful.

Everyone deserves to experience that, and Nakie Coquette strives to bring that sensation to the masses while protecting mother Earth with each initiative.

Both co-founders are mothers, which they say makes them even more mindful about ingredients. Did you know your skin is your largest organ? What you put on your body is instantly absorbed, and knowing that, they worked hard to create beauty essentials that harness potent plant ingredients, including CBD to really quench and nourish without nasty chemicals. 

Furthermore, the brand’s clean ingredients are ethically sourced and formulated in the United States by a female chemist from a female-owned factory. Can someone say women’s empowerment?

Shop These Sumptous CBD Beauty Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed

Photo by Chris Paul Thompson

Another interesting fact about Nakie Coquette Beauty is how many of its products are multi-use, like the luxe multi-purpose lip balms, Make Me Blush Goji Berry Lip & Cheek Balm, and the Lick Me Jasmine Lip & Beyond Balm.

Simply add a touch to your lips, cheeks, or the tip of your nose, and you’ll shine with a youthful, radiant glow.

For those looking for a luxurious universal oil that penetrates the skin without feeling excessively oily, Look to Nakie Coquette’s Rosehip Roleplay Face Oil.

This product comes in a dazzling crystal container that’s refillable with Apothecary Glass Refills, not to mention the sustainably sourced cork and neon wax seal.

The brand has made it clear that it’s not your average CBD beauty brand. Everything about Nakie Coquette strives to help you be your best self, from doing your part to save mother earth to feeling and looking sexy.

For more information about Nakie Coquette Beauty, visit its website at

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