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She’s Gotta Stay High: A Deep Dive Into Tove Lo’s Love For Weed

From cannabis brand partnerships to sparking up with Wiz Khalifa, here are Tove Lo's adventures in cannabis culture.

With each day, celebrities are becoming increasingly outspoken about their cannabis use. In the age of legalization, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

From musicians and actors to public figures, many notable celebrities have confessed to their love for cannabis. While some have started their own weed brands, others are busy partnering with established companies and sparking up with celebrity stoners like Wiz Khalifa.

Are you picking up what we’re putting down? We’re talking about Swedish singer-songwriter and recording artist Tove Lo. Without further ado, let’s explore Tove Lo’s relationship with cannabis and her adventures in our niche community.

About Tove Lo

Tove Lo (pronounced Too-veh-loo) was born October 29, 1987, in Stockholm, Sweden, under her real name Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson. Growing up with a passion for music, singing, and songwriting, Lo’s music career began by writing songs for other artists. It didn’t take long until songs of her own started to top the charts.

Did you know Tove Lo co-wrote Ellie Goulding’s hit single “Love Me Like You Do”? Around the same time, other producers and artists began showing interest in working with Lo, who would soon drop a debut single that changed modern stoner music as we knew it.

In 2014, Tove Lo released “Habits (Stay High),” an international hit that resonated with potheads, broken hearts, and night lurkers worldwide. Known for her raw and honest lyrics, Tove Lo quickly became a force within pop and alternative music, sharing unique songs with ultra-personal lyrics that pulled listeners even closer.

Besides “Habits (Stay High),” some of her most popular tracks include:

  • “Talking Body”
  • “Cool Girl”
  • “Stay Over”
  • Bikini Porn,”
  • “Disco Tits”

It didn’t stop there. Once the electronic duo Hippie Sabotage got ahold of “Habits (Stay High),” Lo would achieve even more success through the duo’s dark and trippy remix that, personally, became a soundtrack for my young stoner self in 2014.

She's Gotta "Stay High"

Tove Lo never used cannabis as a way to brand herself and her music. Quite honestly, that’s something we deeply respect about her.

While countless musicians and artists have used cannabis as a way to generate more fans and attention, Tove Lo didn’t have to. Her music spoke for itself. That said, she’s still had her fair share of stoney experiences worth sharing.

When recording her 2016 track “Influence” alongside featured artist and rapper Wiz Khalifa, they indulged in quite a cloudy session. Tove Lo shared an Instagram video showing fans some hazy behind-the-scenes footage, where the duo was seen smoking out of a DIY apple bong.

Khalifa confessed in the video, “This is how we would smoke weed if we was in the jungle…and I would be the king of apple bong-makers,” giving Lo a faded chuckle.

That same year, Tove Lo told PEOPLE about her experience collaborating with Wiz Khalifa. “I remember sitting there like, ‘This is really good weed, and fuck, how can he sing that fast?!'” she explains.

In 2017, Tove Lo reunited with Wiz when she brought him out as a guest during her set at Coachella Music Festival. From there, she became more and more open about her cannabis use, telling Rolling Stone in 2017 that she prefers smoking joints over drinking alcohol, implying that the plant helps her calm down and create music.

Speaking of music, some of Lo’s songs have a few weedy references to our favorite plant. In “Moments,” she sings about smoking weed and feeling high, and in “Bikini Porn,” she expresses wanting to get high and forget about her problems. Relatable.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Tove Lo created a splash in the legal cannabis industry. She partnered with the renowned cannabis-infused beverage brand Cann to create the limited-edition drink dubbed Lady Wood Lemonade, a reference to her 2016 album Lady Wood.

In short, Tove Lo has made a significant impact on the cannabis community long before she was open about her weed use. Known for her unique beats, honest lyrics, and catchy hooks, Lo’s music has a special place in our hearts, and her love for weed does too.

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