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Smoke In Style With Papers + Ink

Find accessories that reflect who you are. Papers + Ink is where elegance meets functionality.

I hate to break it to you, but your rolling papers are pretty basic. Cannabis has been gaining legal status worldwide quickly, so why isn’t there a better, more personalized selection of how we can smoke it?

Smoking in style is one thing, but having friends ask where you found those unique rolling papers is one of the most flattering questions a cannabis user could receive.

For all things smokeable and elegant, look to Papers + Ink. This female-led collective of creators never fails to elevate sessions with papers and accessories that reflect your aesthetics and personality. Plus, Papers + Ink is a firm believer in cruelty-free, sustainable operations. It’s a win-win.

About Papers + Ink

Papers + Ink is your one-stop shop for elegant cannabis accessories. Designed with the sophisticated smoker in mind, Papers + Ink was sick and tired of the outdated stereotypes around cannabis and the basic, run-of-the-mill products we’ve been using for decades.

For that reason, Papers + Ink set out to create products that didn’t exist, products for the elevated user who takes pride in their consumption and want to stay stylish in the process.

The brand’s artful designs are inspired by the following:

  • Travels
  • Vintage Textiles
  • Botanicals

These carefully curated goods are nothing short of eclectic, paying homage to “the art of rolling™” while helping you take pride in your daily rituals.

Finally, Papers + Ink always sources the highest quality and sustainable components from around the world to produce smoking accessories you can celebrate.

Raise Your Ritual

Papers + Ink has just about everything you need to make your sessions complete. Their accessories range from lighters and rolling machines to grinders and ashtrays. The Bathing Babes Ashtray is a true beauty.

Accessories aside, Papers + Ink features a wide array of rolling paper designs to help you smoke with style and personality. Check out their Statement Papers that rally for change, respect, and equality in various life matters, from women’s rights to the importance of voting.

Other rolling paper designs include:

These are the perfect gifts for your best buds this holiday season. See Papers + Ink’s Gift Sets and Bundles, and shop to your heart’s content.

Smoking in style has never been easier. For more information about Papers + Ink, visit their website at

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