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Guides | 07.19.2022

5 Alternatives To Rolling Papers For Your Weed Emergencies

Out of papers and need a hit? Try these household alternatives.

There’s nothing worse than running out of papers when you’re craving a joint.

You could head over to your local convenience store or dispensary, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And when it comes to desperate times, stoners know that best.

Below you’ll find five helpful alternatives to rolling papers for when you’re in a pinch and craving a hit. Some of these alternatives may not be incredibly easy to work with, but they’ll do the job.


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By far, one of the easiest ways to smoke without rolling papers is emptying a cigarette and filling it with ground weed.

This means you’ll need an extra cigarette lying around, whether that’s yours or a friend’s.

We must mention that when cigarettes are smoked with weed, they tend to burn much faster than a joint and your average cigarette.

Corn Husks

If you had corn on the cub for dinner last night, you might want to rummage through your compost and save those precious husks for a rainy day.

Corn husks have been used for centuries to roll cigarettes because of how flexible they are.

Because they’re thicker than rolling papers, they deliver an earthy taste that might irritate the throat, so small back-to-back hits are ideal.

When rolling it, you can tie a slice of husk around the joint to hold its place.

Bible Pages

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Christians may not be so willing to use their sacred book to smoke weed.

As odd as it sounds, paper from the Bible is incredibly thin and, therefore, the perfect rolling paper alternative. As with any paper, you’d ideally want to choose a page with the least amount of ink (maybe from the front or back).

These thin pages are very easy to manipulate and roll, and they also stick together pretty well with saliva.

Gift Wrap Papers

You’ll want to avoid using gift wrap paper that’s been colored with dye; plain white is your best bet.

This type of paper is very thin, a bit thinner than the Bible pages we mentioned above. Because they’re so thin, they’re very flexible and easy to roll with.

Plus, they stick well with saliva. That said, expect them to burn pretty quickly. They’re also rather fragile, so don’t beat yourself up if it falls apart.

Rose Petals

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We left this alternative for last because it’s likely the most difficult to roll.

But, if you have roses around the house or garden, pick some petals and place them on a baking sheet. You’ll have to bake them for a few minutes, which make it easier for them to stick together with saliva.

From there, lay out the petals over top of each other to create your paper, stick them together with saliva, and roll away.

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