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Our Full Review Of GRAV’s Glass Blunt

It's time to elevate your blunt game.

Smoking will always be the most common and simple way of enjoying cannabis flowers. Thus, it is crucial to develop new ways of improving the experience of smoking.

The most frequent ways of doing it are using a pipe or rolling papers. They are fantastic ways of smoking but smoking can be better.

That is why we introduce to you the GRAV Glass Blunt. The most versatile way of smoking weed.

What Is A Glass Blunt

Photo courtesy of GRAV

A glass blunt is a glass cigarette. It does the same as rolling papers, but it doesn’t burn to last forever. You don’t have to worry about running low on rolling papers or having to go out and buy more.

You only have to grab your glass blunt and load the chamber with your favorite buds. Compact it with the inner slide system r twist mechanism. Then, burn them and inhale the smoke.

Close your eyes when smoking to appreciate the terpenes better. You can notice that the glass blunt doesn’t interfere with the aroma of your flower.

Plus, a glass blunt doesn’t produce plastic residuals as the rolling paper packages do. Thus, you help the world have less plastic trash around while you enjoy your cannabis.

Another amazing feature of a glass blunt is that the ashes stay inside while smoking. The ashes don’t get into your mouth or fall on your clothes. It stays inside the glass.

And, when you finish your session, you can use the inner mechanism that compacts the bud to remove the ashes. Then, it is simple to clean the glass blunt.

Glass blunts are also affordable. So that you can save some money that you spent in buying one package of rolling paper after another. Save money, help save the world, and have a fantastic smoke without ashes or the taste of rolling papers.

A glass blunt is an article that any user should have to improve their smoking experience.


Photo courtesy of GRAV

The GRAV Glass Blunt has a compact and portable design. That is a blunt you can punt into any pocket and carry anywhere. Its length is as small as 4 inches and weighs 20 grams.

So that you can take it with you when traveling or when you want to go out and have a smoke. And the logo comes in different colors, white, red, orange, black, blue, and green. Thus, you can choose which one suits you best.

We mentioned its length is 4 inches. But, it doesn’t mean that the chamber is smaller. This glass blunt has a slide system; it has two parts, the herb chamber and the smoke chamber that holds the smoke when burning the weed.

The smoke chamber is inside the herb chamber when you are not using it. To use, you have to slide the smoke chamber out of the herb chamber. It is like an injection without a needle.

You will see that there is a bubble-like extreme. It is the end of the 4 inches smoke chamber. Before pulling it, it is inside the herb chamber. Grab the bubble-like extreme and pull it gently out of the smoke chamber.

Now you have a 4 inches chamber to put your weed in and a 4 inches smoke chamber. When you finish smoking, push the smoke chamber back into the herb chamber to remove the ashes.


The GRAV Glass Blunt is handmade and has borosilicate glass as its main constituent. This type of glass is resistant to heat compared to regular glass.

This is the type of glass used to make lab equipment, medical devices, and cookware. In other words, the heat of the burning weed will not break it. This glass blunt neither breaks easily.

But, it is still glass, so you should put it in a safe place or get a case to carry it away from home.


GRAV’s Glass Blunt has a simple way of working. When using it, you only need to load and burn. You don’t need rolling skills to use a glass blunt.

Don’t spend time trying to get it good while your weed keeps falling off the rolling paper. Do it all on the go without effort. Push the ashes and residuals out of the chamber and put the glass blunt back in your pocket.

It is that easy to use.

The flavor and aroma are pure. The rolling papers add some taste to the flower when you burn it. Whether you like that extra taste or not, you might want to try your buds without it.

The GRAV Glass Blunt gives you the chance to do so. All you taste when using it is the smooth smoke of the strain you are using.

Your sessions last as long as you have weed. If you are on a trip, you need weed, rolling paper, and filters. With GRAV Glass Blunt, rolling papers and filters get out of the equation. Thus, you have fewer limits to what you need to enjoy cannabis.

Plus, the glass blunt is so easy to clean that you don’t need to replace it to keep on smoking.

The GRAV Glass Blunt is portable and resistant. You can take it with you wherever you want. It is so compact and lightweight that fits in any pocket. And, it won’t break easily.

The glass blunt is made from borosilicate glass. This material is resistant to thermal shocks and more resistant to mechanical impacts than regular glass. Plus, it looks amazing, and it attracts the looks when you smoke with it.


You might have to relight during the session. Rolling papers are most likely to burn until consumed. Contrary to that, you might have to relight the glass blunt two or three times during the session.

It can be annoying, but besides that, there is not much to say against glass blunts.


Every cannabis lover should have one or at least try how it feels when using a glass blunt. The benefit of not having to buy rolling papers and the capability of carrying them everywhere makes it a must-have.

The best option to have one is the GRAV Glass Blunt. With a price of only $11.99, it is affordable to everyone. Plus, it looks attractive, so you smoke with style.

Besides, it is portable and has excellent durability. The problem of having to relight your weed is always there, so it is a matter of patience too. Anyway, it is a great product that expands the possibilities of enjoying the experience of smoking.

If you try it, it can become your next favorite accessory, and you might always carry it with you in your pocket.

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