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Culture | 02.17.2023

Snack On Savory And Crunchy Edibles At TSUMo Snacks

TSUMo Snacks: where the munching comes first.

Cannabis users are familiar with sweet edibles. From gummies and candies to cookies and brownies, we’ve had our fair share of sugary-infused treats that take us to cloud nine. But what about savory snacks loaded with THC?

Meet TSUMo Snacks, where the munching comes first. This cannabis-infused snack brand specializes in elevating your edible experience with savory, classic, and zesty flavors and a generous amount of THC.

Who knew that edibles could taste so good? The brand has even collaborated with Snoop Dogg on his own Onion and Spicy Onion Cannabis-Infused Crispy Flavored Rings. They’re delicious, fun, and seriously potent. See below for more information about the brand and additional mouthwatering flavors you can snag today.

About TSUMo Snacks

Behind the brand is a team of cannabis-loving snackers who thought: what if the munching came first?

So, they looked at the edibles currently being offered and decided to create something delicious and fun that didn’t exist before. TSUMo Snacks brings you fun, tasteful, and shareable snacks designed to elevate the moment with various doses of THC.

The brand takes pride in inspiring fun and spreading joy while remaining authentic, relatable, and trustworthy. They recreate fan-favorite snack flavors but with added THC for a truly unique snacking experience.

In 2022, TSUMo Snacks’ Classic Cheese Crunches won 2nd place in the Emerald Cup for Best Savory Edibles. Whatever the occasion is, TSUMo wants to help you elevate it with familiar flavors and effects in edibles you’ve never experienced before.

Good Enough For Snoop Dogg

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TSUMo Snacks offers a wide variety of crunchy cannabis-infused snacks, which just so happened to win over Snoop Dogg. The brand collaborated with the rapper and cannabis enthusiast on two delicious and wildly potent snacks that let you “take flight with one bite,” reads TSUMo’s site.

Snoop’s flavors include:

These crunchy ring snacks are packed with a generous amount of THC and rich onion flavors. Both the zesty onion and spicy onion bags contain 100mg THC for an epic edible experience that’s Snoop Dogg approved.

Onion not your vibe? Check out TSUMo Snacks’ other crunchy and savory edibles, with flavors including the following:

  • Nacho Cheese Cannabis-Infused Tortilla Strips
  • Chili Limon Cannabis-Infused Tortilla Strips
  • Hint Of Lime Cannabis-Infused Mini Tortilla Rounds
  • Zesty Ranch Cannabis-Infused Mini Tortilla Rounds
  • Fiery Hot Cannabis-Infused Crunchers
  • Classic Cheese Cannabis-Infused Crunchers
  • Salsa Verde Cannabis-Infused Mini Tortilla Rounds

Better yet, every bag contains 100mg of THC, so you can reach you’re preferred peak without leaving the couch. Take them on your next adventure or experience their effects smack-dab in your living room. Whatever you’re doing, TSUMo Snacks wants to make it better. 

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