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Why Do Different Edibles Produce Different Effects?

Here's why certain edibles get you higher than others.

Dosing cannabis can be tricky. Although you might know your sweet spot and how many milligrams of THC would take you there, not all edibles are created equal

Well, they might contain the same dose of THC or CBD, but they can also produce different effects. Edibles are notorious for being difficult to dose. The packaging may read how much THC or CBD is in the product, but some anecdotal reports and reviews state that baked goods produce stronger effects than gummies, even when they contain the same amount of THC or CBD

So, that brings us to our discussion, why do different edibles produce different effects? Read on to learn more.

THC Is Fat Soluble

The answer is actually quite simple and very interesting. There’s a reason why brownies and cookies are considered the traditional and classic cannabis edible. 

Your older relatives and other seasoned users infused THC into baked goods rather than candies and gummies for a reason. While it’s arguably easier to infuse cannabis into baked goods, it’s also more effective. Here’s why. 

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat soluble. They can be water-soluble, which explains the many cannabis-infused beverages and drinks on the market. 

However, in their raw form, cannabinoids are fat soluble, meaning they must travel through the digestive tract to break down and produce effects. When broken down this way, the THC tends to produce stronger effects because it is more bioavailable for our bodies to absorb compared to water-soluble THC. 

We’re not saying to avoid water-soluble THC edibles like beverages. They’re still very effective and produce effects faster than fat-soluble edibles. But your traditional brownie or cookie will have a stronger effect. 

Candies Vs. Baked Goods

Most cannabis-infused candies and gummies on the market are water-soluble. That should answer your question as to why they produce somewhat lighter effects than baked goods.

However, it’s worth noting that gummies may kick in faster, but the high fades quicker than baked goods. On the other hand, baked edibles, which are fat soluble, take longer to kick in but produce stronger effects and last way longer. Choosing which is right for you simply comes down to preferences.

Finally, THC is more effective when it binds to something fatty. This fat-soluble cannabinoid becomes easier for our bodies to use and absorb when it’s taken with fatty food like butter or oil, which also explains why the most popular DIY cannabis infusions are cannabutter and canna oil.

Final Thoughts

Based on what we’ve noted above, the following types of edibles tend to produce stronger effects:

  • Fat-soluble edibles
  • Baked edibles

Most baked edibles are fat-soluble, and most fat-soluble edibles are baked. The perfect example is a brownie, the classic weed treat that’s praised for its powerful effects. 

So, next time you’re wondering whether to snag gummies or baked goods, consider how high you want to get. Gummies are still effective in producing your desired effects, but baked goods might offer a more powerful, elongated experience. 

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