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Culture | 02.07.2023

Oklahoma Smokes Is Helping Smokers Quit Tobacco And THC One CBD Cigarette At A Time

These nicotine-free and THC-free cigarettes from Oklahoma Smokes were designed to help you "kick the habit and keep the ritual."

Looking to quit tobacco? That might seem impossible when nicotine has you in a chokehold. Although nicotine is highly addictive, there are several easy steps you can take to finally kick cigarettes to the curb. 

Although nicotine patches and gums are great for satisfying nicotine cravings, half of the addiction stems from your oral fixation and familiarity with smoking and holding a cigarette between your lips. Luckily, Oklahoma Smokes has the solution. 

Their hemp CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls were designed to help weed and tobacco smokers quit their habits at long last without abandoning their ritual. If you’re looking to take complete control over your life, health, and well-being, Oklahoma Smokes is your first stop. 

About Oklahoma Smokes

Farmed under the Californian sun, containing absolutely no nicotine, THC, or tobacco. Oklahoma Smokes wants you to know these aren’t your grandma’s cigarettes.

Without chemicals, additives, pesticides, tobacco, or nicotine, Oklahoma Smokes is proud to craft 100% organically grown hemp flower cigarettes rich in CBD. The brand even double-lab tests their hemp to ensure maximum safety and purity.

Oklahoma Smokes has satisfied over 40,000 customers in need of a tobacco, nicotine, and THC alternative. They also offer a 42-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the product.

Their hemp flower cigarettes were created to satisfy your oral fixation, helping you kick the bad habit of tobacco smoking while maintaining your ritual, whether that’s pairing your morning coffee with a smoke or helping you kick back after a long day.

Whether used with nicotine replacements like patches and gums or used solo, Oklahoma Smokes strives to help you take the edge off, keep you sober and functional, and satisfy your cravings with the benefits of organic hemp flower.

Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes & Pre-Rolls

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Photo By Oklahoma Smokes / Instagram

Oklahoma Smokes offers two kinds of hemp rolls, a CBD Pre-Roll for weed smokers steering off of THC and CBD Hemp Cigarettes for tobacco users looking to quit. 

Although we’ve been taught our whole lives never to quit, Oklahoma Smokes says tobacco and nicotine are the only exceptions. “It’s okay to be a quitter,” reads their site. 

For a sober smoke that leaves you clear-headed, relaxed, and focused, look to the CBD Pre-Roll 5-Pack from Oklahoma Smokes

Rolled in bio-organic papers to preserve the natural flavors of the organic hemp flower, these THC-free pre-rolls offer a familiar size, shape, and smoke without the effects of THC. They’re great for sleep, winding down after a long day, or substituting your morning THC wake n’ bake with a joint that keeps you 100% functional. 

If you’re looking to quit tobacco and nicotine, check out the brand’s Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes – 20 Pack. These smokes were designed to take the edge off and help satisfy your oral fixation and cravings for a regular tobacco cigarette. Each smoke contains 100% organically grown hemp flower with a generous dose of 50mg CBD per cigarette. 

Available in Original and Menthol flavors, these are the smokes you need to help kick tobacco to the curb. 

For more information about Oklahoma Smokes, visit their website at itsoklahomas.com.

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