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Learn | 07.21.2022

Here’s How Cannabis Can Improve Meditation Rituals

Everybody needs a little zen in their lives.

Cannabis has a history of being an instrument for spiritual enlightenment. It’s been used for thousands of years by holy men and women for rituals and, most importantly, meditation.

While the plant has been used for textiles and fabrics in Ancient China, there’s no denying that smoking or burning cannabis was a staple part of many meditation rituals. It’s still used to this day.

If you’ve ever wondered how cannabis can aid meditation and get you that much closer to your spiritual goals, take a look at the points below.

Turning Off The Outside World

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Before we start, it’s ideal to use an Indica strain or Indica-dominant hybrid when meditating.

Sativa strains are known to make the mind race, and it’s also more common to experience cannabis-induced anxiety and paranoia through a Sativa.

For that reason, a relaxing, soothing, and body-high Indica strain is the perfect variety to ground yourself. After a hit, an edible, or whatever your chosen method of ingestion is, it’s much easier to turn off the outside world and focus on your own.

Sitting quietly with your own thoughts and acknowledging them is far easier with an Indica in the mix. There’s a peaceful nature about this variety that straps on metaphorical blinders and keeps you focussed on your goal.

That could be beating intrusive thoughts, healing your inner child, or simply improving your wellness routine.

Relieves Any Lingering Stress & Anxiety

Some of us look to meditation to reduce our stress levels and ditch anxiety. But, anxious people would know that turning off those racing thoughts is no easy feat.

It doesn’t take a lot of weed to hush the mind. In fact, some even prefer to take smaller doses so they feel aware and cognizant during meditation while taking the anxious edge off.

Choosing your dosage goes hand in hand with

  • How much anxiety you have
  • How intrusive it is
  • How challenging it is to beat

If you’re not much of an anxious person and want to clear your mind, smaller doses or hits might help you out. Those with more aggressive forms of anxiety may prefer stronger doses or larger hits for that reason.

Do I Need A Psychoactive Product For Meditation?

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Photo by RF._.studio / Pexels

While most of us might reach for a strain or product with THC, non-psychoactive CBD can work just as well. For some, it might even work better.

Our bodies have different reactions to THC; some may adore the high, and others might not appreciate feeling out of touch with reality.

For that reason, taking a CBD oil or using a CBD strain will also help nip anxiety and stress in the bud while keeping you fully aware, relaxed, and aligned with your spiritual goals.

Choosing a cannabis product for your meditation rituals is up to you and your preferred experience. If you’re more of a seasoned user, you might enjoy the tranquilizing nature of meditating with an Indica strain.

If that’s not your vibe, a quality full-spectrum CBD oil will do the job.

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Rachel Abela

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Rachel Abela

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