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What’s The Fastest Way To Get High Without Smoking?

You've stopped smoking weed but still want to get high fast. Here's how to do it.

Cannabis consumption ranges far and wide. There’s a long list of consumption methods that allow users to benefit from marijuana’s therapeutic properties and fun recreational effects.

However, different forms of consumption produce effects in different ways. The main reason why many cannabis users gravitate to smoking is to experience a fast-acting high with the aromas and flavors the plant was grown with. 

It’s the truest way to experience your favorite strain, but it’s also the most harmful consumption method that can damage lung and throat health over time. Don’t fret; there are still various ways you can use cannabis without smoking and still experience fast-acting effects. 

See below for the top 3 cannabis consumption methods that get you high fast without smoking.

Sublingual Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are quickly becoming more popular as consumers begin prioritizing their lung health. Besides smoking, it’s the most straightforward method of consumption that doesn’t require infusing THC into an edible or beverage.

These oil tinctures can contain various cannabinoids, but if you’re looking to get high, get one that’s THC-dominant. They come with easy dosing guidelines, usually noted on the dropper and measured in milliliters.

But here’s the catch. THC tinctures won’t be as effective in producing fast-acting effects if they’re swallowed instantly. Cannabis oil will produce effects in under 15 minutes if the oil sits in the mouth under the tongue for up to a minute.

This allows your mucous membranes to absorb the THC before it enters the digestive tract. Mucous membranes absorbing THC produce fast, reliable effects.

Water-Soluble Edibles

Your typical weed brownie and cookie are notorious for producing strong effects but taking an hour to kick in entirely. That’s because it uses regular fat-soluble THC, which must bind to a fat (like butter) and travel through the digestive tract in order to feel its effects.

Scientists and cannabis researchers have begun transforming cannabinoids like THC and CBD into water–soluble compounds. That means these cannabinoids can produce faster effects by bypassing the digestive tract and traveling directly into the bloodstream. 

Water-soluble edibles can produce effects almost instantly. 15 minutes at most. See below for some common water-soluble edible options:

  • Cannabis beverages
  • Nanoemulsion gummies
  • Nanoemulsion mints, tarts, chews, etc. 


You might believe that vaping is basically smoking, but that’s not the case. Although inhaling anything into the lungs isn’t really great for them, vaping is far better than smoking since there’s a lack of combustion.

Vaping doesn’t promote the inhalation of butane chemicals and carcinogens produced by smoke. On the other hand, vaping allows for clean vapor consumption that contains condensed air and cannabinoids like THC.

Because vaping calls for inhalation, the THC travels directly into the bloodstream and produces the fastest effects out of all the methods on this list. Although it’s still interacting with the lungs, vaping is one of the safer ways to experience the instant effects of cannabis (and its flavors).

Final Thoughts

Not everyone wants to smoke, and rightly so. This popular consumption method can lead to increased lung and throat irritation, slowly causing damage over time. For fast-acting effects without the spark, use any of the three consumption methods noted above, and you’ll be on cloud nine in no time.

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