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A Guide To Which Cannabis Consumption Method Is Right For You

Breaking down the 6 main cannabis consumption methods and how they could benefit you.

There are various ways to use cannabis. While weedy history shows that smoking has been the most popular consumption method, modern research has proved that it’s becoming the least preferred way to use cannabis

As consumers become more aware of the benefits and drawbacks of different consumption methods, they’re exploring new ways to use the plant for maximum benefits. But we don’t always have the freedom to change our routines. Depending on your living situation, financials, and other reasons, we’ll help you find a consumption method that works for you. 

Today, we’re breaking down the six most popular cannabis consumption methods and which is right for you based on factors like health, preferences, and more. 


Smoking has been the most popular cannabis consumption method for years. Since the dawn of cannabis time, people have rolled their weed in cannabis fan leaves or any dry leaf.

Although popular, smoking is the unhealthiest way to consume cannabis. You’re still receiving the benefits of cannabis but are also gradually damaging your lugs with frequent use. Smoking cannabis long-term can lead to an increased risk of catching pneumonia.

However, there’s no correlation between cannabis and developing susceptibility to chronic obstructive pulmonary lung disease (COPD) or lung cancer, so that’s good news. That said, there is an association between long-term cannabis smoking and symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

The key is moderation. Although smoking cannabis provides instant and powerful effects, we suggest incorporating different consumption methods into your routine to give your lungs a break while still benefiting from this wonderful plant.


Another popular way to consume cannabis is dabbing, which uses a dab rig (or electronic dab rig) and a cannabis concentrate. Dabbing is basically vaping without its technology.

As cannabis concentrates are heated in a scorching hot rig that’s been torched with a large flame, they produce a potent vapor for inhalation. The result is an insanely powerful high. Dabbing is better than smoking in terms of health, but it’s definitely not ideal for beginner consumers.

Because cannabis concentrates are incredibly potent, it’s best to avoid this consumption method until you’re sure your body can handle the powerful effects of concentrated cannabis. However, dabbing can be inconvenient, considering you need a rig, concentrate, dab tools, and a butane torch.

Regardless, the coughs produced from dabbing aren’t great for your lungs and throat. Consider incorporating the consumption methods below into your routine to give your lungs a break from time to time.


The safest and healthiest way to smoke weed is to vape it. Although, you’re not really “smoking” it, per se. Vaping can be done through various devices like your own dry herb/concentrate vaporizer, a disposable vape, or a vape cartridge. Although they can make you cough, vaping lets you take more controlled hits, thus limiting your coughing.

One potential drawback with weed vapes is their safety and purity. We all remember the 2019 vape crisis, where consumers in the United States were using unregulated cannabis vapes and being diagnosed with various lung illnesses.

It’s essential to ensure you’re only purchasing legal, regulated cannabis products that are third-party lab-tested for purity, quality, and safety. Brands will note this on their website, so be sure to keep that a priority when shopping for vapes.

Vaping is also incredibly convenient. You can do it indoors practically anywhere and make it discreet. It’s also quite affordable, considering one cartridge costs about the same as 3.5g of dried flower and lasts much longer than flower used for joints, bongs, etc.


This brings us to our final three cannabis consumption methods. If you’re looking for powerful effects without compromising lung health, edibles are a great choice. 

However, similar to vapes, you must ensure your edibles are legal, regulated, and tested for quality, purity, and safety. Being 100% certain about what you’re putting in your body is only beneficial. Although edibles don’t have many downsides in terms of safety, they do have other downsides that frequent users might not be so fond of. 

Most edibles take 30 min to 1 1/2 hours to fully take effect. Because your stomach is breaking down THC and filtering it through the liver and other pit stops, edibles take longer to kick in, and they produce different, mostly stronger, effects than all other consumption methods. 

Edibles are an excellent choice for consumers looking to take better care of their lung health. There’s an endless supply of edibles, from gummies and chocolates to infused olive oil, and making them at home isn’t all that difficult either. Edibles are also very discreet, meaning you could practically eat them anywhere without anyone batting an eye.


For a calorie and sugar-free option, cannabis tinctures are another excellent choice for consumers looking to take better care of their lungs. Luckily, a tincture containing cannabis oil tends to kick in faster than edibles.

That’s because cannabis oil can produce effects sublingually, meaning cannabinoids like THC are absorbed by the mouth’s mucous membranes and sent into the bloodstream within seconds. This means almost instant effects without worrying about the smell of weed, finding a place to smoke it, and if you took the right amount.

Tinctures come with their own dosing guidelines that enable consumers to take exactly how much product they need to feel their desired effects. Tinctures can be pricey, but compare it to the cost of frequent dispensary visits for flower, vapes, etc., and there’s not much of a difference.

Pills, Softgels, & Capsules

The last popular cannabis consumption method is pills and capsules. These pills are often softgels that contain cannabis oil inside. Instead of dosing them with a tincture, cannabis pills, softgels, and capsules contain an even more precise dosage.

Each pack of pills will contain the same amount of cannabis oil, but the main downside is that they take roughly the same amount of time as edibles to take effect. Because they’re not being sublingually absorbed but swallowed and broken down by the digestive tract, they take longer to reach the bloodstream.

That said, they’re incredibly effective, discreet, and easy to dose. They can also be a bit expensive, but roughly the same, if not less, money than returning to the dispensary weekly to re-up your flower stash.


We all have our preferences. There are various ways to consume cannabis, but they all have their drawbacks, some more than others. By considering your lifestyle, habits, health, and preferences, finding your preferred consumption method is easy.

However, don’t limit yourself to one method. Switching up your routine not only introduces you to new effects but it gives your lungs a break from smoking daily. This can do wonders for your overall health, wellness, and well-being, but it can also help you find your new favorite (and easiest) way to use this special plant.

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