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Culture | 02.09.2023

Stay Classy With Glassy, A Brand For Stoners With Style

From pleasing pipes to vintage ashtrays, get your new favorite piece at Glassy.

The average pipe is functional yet seriously boring. The same goes for lighters, ashtrays, and other smoking accessories that look as if they were designed in 1999. 

It’s 2023. Hippy dippy patterns are out, and sleek minimalism is in. We’re finally starting to see cannabis brands pick up this trend and design new accessories and smoking tools that suit the modern stoner’s aesthetic, like Glassy

This contemporary accessories brand aims to help femme stoners find a piece they can celebrate. If you’re sick and tired of cookie-cutter pipes, lighters, and ashtrays, smoke in style with Glassy and make every session classy. Learn more about the brand and their best-sellers below. 

About Glassy

Finding a pipe that resonates with your style and aesthetic shouldn’t be challenging. That’s where Glassy comes in. 

This modern and chic accessories brand specializes in smoking tools with style. The brand understood that the modern cannabis industry is packed with bongs, pipes, and accessories that don’t suit today’s femme cannabis users. There are only so many beaker bongs and plain pipes we can take. 

At Glassy, their stunning product selection includes the following:

  • Pleasing pipes
  • Refillable lighters
  • Vintage ashtrays
  • Handmade glass bowls

When you want to keep your sessions classy, look to Glassy. See a few of their best-selling items below. 

Infuse Your Sessions With Class

Photo By Glassy

The trendy and stylish pipes at Glassy are some of the most beautiful smoking tools on the market. The brand has an array of Crystal Pipes, spanning colors and crystal shades like the following:

These are the kind of pipes you’d see on Tumblr in 2014, thinking they were too good to be true. Well, they haven’t gone out of style, and in my personal opinion, I don’t think they ever will. 

Honorable mention to the Can Pipe, something very familiar with a luxurious touch. It’s a handmade pipe reminiscent of your first session, making a DIY pipe out of a pop can. Instead, it’s a fully ceramic pipe slip-cast from an aluminum can, helping you get high with a side of stoney nostalgia. 

Finish off your sessions with refillable lighters like the Sky LighterColor Block LighterMarble Lighter, and many more. 

For more products and information about Glassy, visit their website at

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