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Culture | 02.22.2023

The Minimalist Pipes, Bongs, & One-Hitters From Jaunt Merge Style And Function Effortlessly

Jaunt creates handmade ceramic pieces that are more durable (and stylish) than glass.

Glass is fading out, and ceramic is coming in strong. Did you know that most ceramic pieces are actually more durable and tactile than glass? 

Some even boast a sleek matte exterior for easy gripping and handling to ensure even the clumsiest stoners don’t drop it. Most of all, ceramic pieces are incredibly stylish and pleasing to the eye. When you’re looking to upgrade your piece to suit your style and aesthetics without sacrificing function, look to Jaunt

This Philidelphia and Portland-based brand designs minimalist ceramic pipes, bongs, and one-hitters that contemporary consumers can take pride in. Learn more about the brand and their most sought-after pieces below.

About Jaunt

Jaunt wants to help you start your next adventure with style. This dedicated and small team of designers and artisians strives to create pieces that unite people over their shared love for cannabis, functional pieces, and visually appealing aesthetics.

In fact, Jaunt is just as obsessed with function as they are with aesthetics, meaning their ceramic pieces bring you the best of both worlds. The team rigorously tests everything they do while taking pride in creating timeless and authentic pieces that are stronger than glass and provide the same clean and smooth hits we know and love.

Jaunt’s products have a matte exterior finish and a glazed interior to ensure easy handling, cleaning, and maintenance. Plus, their Bough Bong, Branch Pipe, Twig Pipe, and Stem One-Hitter all boast different colors and different-sized bowls to encourage fresh hits.

Jaunt is where ergonomics meet style and function. Never hide your smoking accessories again. These minimalist and sleek designs are the modern stoner’s dream.

Stylish & Durable Handmade Ceramics

Photo By Jaunt

It doesn’t get much better than the four main offerings at Jaunt. Read on for more information about their bongs, pipes, and one-hitters, and see which one is your perfect match. Each piece is available in slate, mint, and ivory.

Bough Bong: The largest piece offered at Jaunt, this slick ceramic bong features an integrated downstem that’s molded into the bong’s body. It also comes with a large removable bowl that fits perfectly into the stem to create a seal, along with the attached rubber gasket. In fact, this bowl has multiple small holes to prevent pulling through. It’s a durable, sleek ceramic bong that’s always ready when you are.

Branch Pipe: Looking to puff puff pass in the modern day? The Branch Pipe from Jaunt is an excellent way to do so. This waterless pipe comes with a large bowl that’s meant to be passed around the group. It’s a durable ceramic piece with a grippy matte finish to ensure even your clumsiest friends won’t fumble it.

Twig Pipe: For your personal sessions, opt for the Twig Pipe from Jaunt. It’s a small ceramic pipe that was designed for solo sessions or a small group of your best buds. Don’t be fooled by its size; the Twig Pipe packs a punch. The multiple small holes in the bowl prevent pulling through, while the smaller bowl size promotes fresh, easy hits.

Stem One-Hitter: Portable, durable, and stylish, the Stem One-Hitter is the perfect piece for quick solo sessions when you’re on the go. It’s a slim, pocketable ceramic piece that boasts a flattened mouthpiece to keep it from rolling away. The Stem One-Hitter is perfect for any adventure.

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