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Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

Guides | 04.28.2022

3 Benefits Of Ceramic Bongs

Here's why you need to ditch your old reliable glass bong. Created with Chill Steel Pipes.

We tend to build connections with inanimate objects, especially smoking devices and products.

You might never want to step outside of your comfort zone, but there are some benefits to trying something new.

Ceramic might not be the first material that comes to mind when you’re buying a new bong. We want to introduce your new best friend, the Chill Bong.

But wait – where’s the ceramic in it?

In the interior.

This stainless steel bong comes with all the benefits of ceramic bongs that we’ll discuss in this article, with the added benefit of its 100% unbreakable stainless steel body and its patented double-wall vacuum insulated base that can keep your water cold all day.

Here’s what makes it great.

Smooth Hits

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Photo courtesy of Chill / Instagram

Like glass, ceramic is heat resistant and does not emit any unwanted chemicals or smells when submitted to high temperatures. 

In the case of the Chill Bong, you can add an extra level of smoothness by using cold water or adding ice to the base. You’ll enjoy ice-cold bong hits all day.

We guarantee you’ve never experienced a bong hit like this.

Very Easy To Clean

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Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

Like glass, ceramic bongs are extremely easy to maintain sparkling clear. Even more, if it’s with a Chill Bong.

Whether you opt for the sparkly Pink Glitterbomb or the Mix And Match, each Chill Bong was designed for the easiest clean.

Because the interior of the Chill Bong is made with ceramic, the grime and gunk easily slip off the walls with just ISO.

It’s just a few shakes until your bong is as good as new.

Neutral Smell

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Photo courtesy of Chill Steel Pipes

Another reason ceramic bongs are the best on the market flavor-wise is that they allow each strain to emit its natural flavors and aromas.

We encourage you to use a hemp wick to steer away from any butane-like aftertastes from lighters to get the whole experience of your favorite strain.

Despite being stainless steel, the Chill Bong’s ceramic interior offers clean, flavorful hits every single time.

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