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The Complete Guide To The Best Pre-Rolls In California

Here are the ten best pre-rolls to smoke if you're in the Golden State.

Pre-rolls are pre-packaged, easily shareable, and ready to smoke anytime. In short, they make your life easy, and you don’t have to worry about crushing your stains and then rolling. Just like you grab a six-pack of beer from a neighborhood barbeque, pre-rolls are the same thing for cannabis. 

If you run late for work every day and don’t get time to roll a joint, or you’re heading on vacation, pre-rolls will accompany you throughout. We will talk about some of the best pre-rolls available in California.

Know about each one and choose the ones that suit your taste and needs.

Eureka Vapor Infused Pre-Rolls

Eureka never disappoints with its products. And, if you have never tried them, then their pre-rolls would make you fall for them. Blessed by the sun of California and top-quality manufacturing, these pre-rolls have very few rivals. In consequence, these pre-rolls make classic strains most delightful than ever.

Maybe you want to try something new. Then, you can try the Eureka Cure FUSION Pre-Rolls. Choose from its five flavors, Concord Lime, Strawberry Clemonade, Very Berry, Tropical Twist, and Melon Madness. You can be sure to find your next favorite pre-roll among them.

These are already some of the best pre-rolls you will find in the market. But, you may seek something else, the best of the best. That is why Eureka goes the extra mile and gives you their premium pre-rolls infused with live resin.

These last pre-rolls come from small batches of exotic strains. And, their live resin material ensures that the intensity and complexity of flavors will take over your senses. If you are going to try one of these, get ready to enjoy the next level of cannabis taste from California.


Photo courtesy of Circles

One of the best pre-rolls in the state, Circles source all their strains from farmers based in California. It is created keeping heavy users in mind and will get you to an exciting high. The prices are affordable, and you won’t hesitate to share Circles pre-rolls with your friends.

Circles pre-rolls are carefully rolled joints that are ready to smoke. They’re lovingly crafted using only the best flowers and no chemicals, so you can always expect clean, aromatic hits whenever you decide to light one up. They’ve got tons of different strains on deck, so don’t forget to check out their catalog.


Photo courtesy of LEUNE

LEUNE is a lifestyle cannabis brand that puts a premium on thoughtful design and unparalleled quality. Created to elevate the smoking experience, every aspect of LEUNE’s pre-roll packaging from branding to materials has been thoughtfully designed for an authentic experience. The LEUNE experience delivers a pre-roll experience as genuine as it is fun.

The quality of LEUNE pre-rolls is unmatched, and they are available in a diverse range of flavors. The Desert Gold and CloudBerry strains have an amazing taste and aroma. The Calibre Hash Infused, Sol Berry, and Naked pre-rolls are also ideal for the perfect high and chilling with friends.

Lake Grade

Photo courtesy of Lake Grade

A part of Napa Valley’s Fumé family, Lake Grade sources their weed strains from Lake County in partnership with local growers. The premium quality cannabis is obtained from sun-covered trees using sustainable, organic techniques to maintain the yield and quality of strains.

Lake Grade offers premium quality sativa Lemon Sour Diesel pre-roll with neon green buds and a citric, spicy taste. Indica lovers can smoke the Whitezilla strain to get a calming, relaxed high. Budzilla is Lake Grade’s hybrid strain featuring 21.8% THC levels, dense green buds, a sweet earthy aroma, and beautiful trichomes.

Pure Beauty

Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a female-owned brand placing a lot of importance on the environment through its products and packaging. The brand aims to remove historical injustices in the cannabis industry and promote upcoming artisans and producers. The name of the brand is perfect because of its attractive packaging that resembles high-end perfumes.

Indica, sativa, and hybrid strains are available in Threesome pre-rolls. The Babies pack has ten mini pre-rolls that look good as they taste and are available in CBD apart from other strains. Natural flowers are used to make these pre-rolls, but a cigarette option is also available. Heavy smokers can try the Bermuda Triangle or Mendo x Tahoe Pie 1 g pre-roll.

Stone Road

Photo courtesy of Stone Road

Stone Road owns and operates a biodynamic, family-run farm on a hill in Nevada City. Water is obtained from an artisanal well, and no synthetic fertilizers are used to grow cannabis here. The brand considers cannabis a natural gift from God and wants people to have proper access to it.

Everything from rolling papers and the packaging is made with recyclable natural resources. Pre-rolls are filled with both weed and hash, and it is up to you what you want to smoke. If you love flavored pre-rolls, you can smoke Stone Road’s Papaya Punch, Pineapple Jack, Banana Split, Blackberry OG, and other flavored pre-rolls.


Photo courtesy of Island

Island focuses on bringing back the old-school, uncomplicated, and pure joy of smoking weed for smokers. All products by Island have a high THC concentration, immersed in the spirit of California. The brand uses a five-pillar grading system to ensure the quality of cannabis and strains that go into their products.

Island sells classic, all-natural pre-rolls and also hash-infused ones. The paper is made using biodegradable paper, and the Minis pack has five 0.5 g pre-rolls in a unique strain. Island has six unique strains for its pre-rolls: Citrus Wave, Fruit Cart, Donut Shack, Pacific Dream, Evergreen Haze, and OG Drift.


Photo courtesy of Fumé

For those who are passionate about the environment, have knowledge about terpenes, and are looking for extraordinary strains, Fumé is the right brand for them. The strains at Fumé are really colorful and beautiful to look at as every bud is created to perfection. Cannabis is grown by heritage growers for Fumé, who have been doing this for decades without using any chemicals.

The pre-rolls are available in 1 g or a pack of 5 weighing 3.5 g, with each one placed in a sealed glass tube to retain freshness. Mango Kush is Fumé’s sativa strain, and Double Chem OG is the indica strain. The hybrid strain Dank Fruit is excellent if you like a relaxing body high.

El Blunto

Photo courtesy of Albert Einstone

El Blunto provides a quality and luxury smoking experience to its users. The brand has kept alive the tradition of cigar-making. Combining age-old cigar-rolling techniques with modern technology allows the brand to create high-quality cannabis cigars oozing with quality and class. Only the highest-potent flowers are used to make El Blunto pre-rolls.

El Blunto uses only top-shelf cannabis for their cigars featuring a custom filter tip and a resealable glass tube to maintain freshness. El Blunto is their 1 g rice paper pre-roll available in various flavors. The cannabis cigars are also available in hash-infused strains that can be bought singly or in a 4-pack.

Humboldt Farms

Photo courtesy of Humboldt Farms

One of California’s most trusted and leading cannabis brands, Humboldt Farms make their cannabis products and pre-rolls using high-quality sun-grown flowers. The same flowers provided in Humboldt Farm’s jars are used to make their pre-rolls. You will not find any sugar leaf, shake, or trim inside their pre-rolls.

The brand packs its singles and 4-pack pre-rolls in beautiful, solid metal cases that protect the joints. The best strains sold by them include Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Orange Dreamsicle, and Harle-Tsu x Orange Dreamsicle. If you want something new, try out Humboldt Farms’ live rosin-infused pre-rolls made in partnership with Doc Green’s.

Pacific Stone

Photo courtesy of Pacific Stone

Founded in 2015, Pacific Stone is a family-owned brand known for providing clean, highly potent, affordable cannabis in California. All products sold by Pacific Stone are grown at their farm using sustainable practices. Cannabis is cultivated in indoor greenhouses for the best quality.

Pacific Stone pre-rolls are available in 1 g, and 7 g made using homegrown cannabis. The brand has some limited harvest strains like Magic Melon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Ice Cream Cake, etc. There are multiple strains available to choose from for indica, sativa, and hybrid types.

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