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Maven Genetics: Kashmir Kush Strain Review

Their full range of products goes from a curated ground flower to vape cartridges, passing through pre-rolls and concentrates on the way.

Photo courtesy of Maven

Freedom, wellbeing, and authenticity are the core values that drive the cannabis industry and Mavens Genetics. This is a brand that focuses on curating a product line that will make your experience unforgettable.
Their full range of products goes from a curated ground flower to vape cartridges, passing through pre-rolls and concentrates on the way. Their strains are very interesting and appeal to different needs and wants, which is why you would be getting a completely tailored experience.

With many interesting Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids on their lineup, Mavens has something for everyone! Take a look at their Limited Edition Black Box flower, which comes in two options of either Blue Lotus or Pandora.

About The Kashmir Kush Strain

Kashmir Kush is a rich, colorful, and potent indica strain created by crossing two powerful parents, one of which is Mavens’ own OG. This awesome creation is the result of combining Maven OG, a citrusy and pungent hybrid, with Triangle Kush, another indica-heavy hybrid.

Underneath a sea of freezing white trichomes, these nugs show a rainbow of vibrant violets, greens, and oranges. Don’t you dare let these beautiful colors set you up, this strain is strong and robust!

-Hybrid, Indica Dominant Strain

– Potent! 28-31% THC

– Terpene Profile: Limonene, Myrcene, Pinene

There are other known sources for this strain, but the Mavens Genetics Kashmir Kush seems to be a whole separate deal. This euphoria-inducing flower will give you such a rush you will understand why its colors and taste are so appealing and special.

Kashmir Kush Strain Terpene and Flavor Profile

This strain has a strong, earthy nose with sweet citrus undertones. With powerful notes of pine and sweet, dark fruit like cherry or plum, the flavor profile raises the scent’s natural and fruity ingredients even further.

The complex and layering flavor profile is great for a night of chilling with friends or family, and the best thing is you will love the effects! The Kashmir Kush strain has a terpene profile with very interesting traits and characteristics.

The sweet citrusy notes come from Limonene, a lemony and tangy terpene that is known for its exhilarating and energizing buzz. Myrcene provides some of the tropical stone fruit notes that will also elevate the experience when combined with the fresh, earthy, somewhat-pungent Pinene.

Kashmir Kush Strain Effects

Photo courtesy of Maven

This powerful indica delivers a very soothing high with a euphoric head buzz and a sense of comfort that makes it seem like tension and pain are gently melting away. The uplifting and motivational values of this strain will go along great to deal with stress and feelings of angst or anxiety.

This strain is fantastic for alleviating tension and anxiety. It alleviates depressive symptoms by soothing your body. Kashmir Kush is an antidote for muscle relaxation and can be used to treat muscle spasms and a variety of pains.

Some users have reported feeling creative and focus-driven motivation from this strain, so it would be great for a night of board games with your pals or for a steamy night with your date. Kashmir Kush might just be what you need to elevate your sexual experiences to the next level.

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