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News | 11.15.2021

Five Scenic Spots In Germany To Smoke A Joint

It's almost legal, folks.

What’s better than smoking weed in places with a view? Germany quietly legalized medicinal cannabis back in 2017, and since then, marijuana use has been steadily increasing around the nation. We’ve even helped cannabis users find weed in Germany without getting in trouble with authorities. 

And now that the country is heading towards a pro-legalized nation, we’ve decided to help native Germans or tourists find the best smoking spots around the country. Germany is nothing short of pure beauty; from alpine peaks, mysterious forests, and villages with timbered houses to white Rococo churches and stunning gorges, there’s always something to bring your jaw to the floor. Here are our top five sesh spots around beautiful Germany. 

Rakotzbrücke (Rakotz Bridge) - Gablenz, Saxony

Photo courtesy of The Whol World Is A Playground

It’s hard even to believe that this place exists. Secretly located in Kromlau’s Rhododendron Park, Rakotzbrücke, a.k.a Rakotz Bridge, is a majestic 19th-century bridge that’s beautifully reflected in the waters below to create a distinct circular shape. Rakotzbrücke is also called the “Devil’s Bridge” because it seems so impossible to make that the devil must have built it. So bring your favorite devil’s lettuce and enjoy the view.

Lake Königssee - Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria

Photo courtesy of Berchtesgaden

Roughly 18 miles south of Salzburg in the Berchtesgaden Alps near the Austrian border lies Lake Königssee. This breathtaking alpine lake with the clearest of waters is perfect for quiet boat rides and taking in the lovely greenery along the hills. The lake also has a dock at the beautiful St. Bartholomä church next to a beer garden. Who needs booze when cannabis can enhance your visual and mental experience?

Lake Schrecksee - Bavarian Alps

Photo by Andreas Hagspiel / EyeEm / Getty Image

When you think of views, think of Lake Schrecksee. And no, you won’t be seeing Shrek or any ogres at all. The only green you should see is the glorious peaks and valleys of the many hills around and the potent bud you’re bringing along. The lake’s elevation is at 5,949 feet and is Germany’s highest alpine lake. If you’re a fan of long hikes with incredible views, this bad boy can take up to eight hours to reach the top but is well worth the trek.

Partnach Gorge - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria

Photo courtesy of Happy To Wander

Another fabulous and majestic view lies about an hour south of Munich and is one of Germany’s most popular hiking spots. This path doesn’t take too long to hike since it’s about 2,305 feet long, with stone walls that rise to 263 feet at their highest point. This fairytale-like gorge has many secret paths perfect for sparking up in privacy.

Bastei Bridge - Elbe River, Saxon Switzerland

Photo by Reinhard Schmid / eStock Photo

Last but certainly not least, the Bastei Bridge likes 600 feet above the Elbe river and is known as the most famous and breathtaking feature in Saxon Switzerland National Park. The bridge looks as though the backdrops in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones had a baby, and we encourage you to do some reflective seshing when gazing upon the distant hills, fog, and ancient stone creations.

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