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Culture | 05.24.2022

The Surprisingly Relatable Movie From Machine Gun Kelly

Grab your favorite bud and watch the antics in MGK's new film, Good Mourning.

The early stages of any relationship can be weird. 

You begin to understand how your significant other thinks, acts and speaks in person and over text. 

For recording artist Machine Gun Kelly, an odd text message from actress Megan Fox inspired his new film, Good Mourning

It was pretty appropriate for the film’s trailer to drop on April 20, the unofficial cannabis holiday. 

Most of us know that MGK loves his green, and so do other movie features like Pete Davidson, Mod Sun, and voiceovers from Snoop Dogg as a talking joint. 

This is definitely a stoner flick you can’t miss. And MGK’s inspiration behind it makes the watch pretty interesting. 

The text that inspired it all was Megan Fox stating that she was leaving to go “evaluate” Stonehenge in Europe. 

I’m starting to see why Kelly was freaking out. Is that some sort of riddle or something?

Even worse, she wasn’t on her phone for most of the trip. This left Kelly reaching out to all of his friends, asking them to decode Fox’s text. 

But who came to save the day? None other than drummer and musician Travis Barker. 

After calling Fox “a million times” and no answer, Kelly said Barker was the one to reassure him that everything was fine.

After scrolling up too many times and spiraling into a fit, he said this kind of situation isn’t song-worthy but movie-worthy. 

Thus, Good Mourning was born. 

Photo by Good Mourning / IMDB

This is MGK’s debut director role alongside co-director and musician Mod Sun.

The movie is available in theaters and on most streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and iTunes.

It looks like a hilarious film that must be experienced post-toke. Just try not to decode any odd text messages while you’re at it.

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