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Top Brands To Try This 420

The 420 countdown has begun. Prep yourself with these popular brands.

420 is right around the corner. No matter how you like to celebrate this special day, be it with gummies or joints, we’ll help you find something worthwhile.

As our community and industry continuously evolve, we users are exploring new ways to consume cannabis, new cannabinoids, and how to master your doses for a high that feels right for you.

Luckily, the brands below always hit the spot. Below, we’ve included various brands that will elevate your 420 with their best offerings, from powerful vape cartridges to infused pre-rolls; there’s something for everyone.


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Binoid is the number one source of the newest cannabinoids.

This innovative brand is constantly unveiling something new, from live rosin disposables to diamond wax dabs. If you’re looking to test the waters of new cannabinoids like THC-P, THCA, HHC, and many more, Binoid has you covered. Their products are not only rigorously lab tested, but they pack a punch.


Did you know that the co-founder of STORZ & BICKEL, Markus Storz, invented the first herbal hot air generator (weed vaporizer) in 1996? What better way to celebrate this 420 than with some outstanding, trusted, and celebrated vaporizers from this brand? From April 17th to 24th, STORZ & BICKEL is launching a GREEN WEEK SALE with 40% off on premium vaporizers and accessories. Deals like this don’t last. Celebrate 420 with the classics at STORZ & BICKEL.


Photo Courtesy of PAX

The best day of the year calls for the best vapes on the market. PAX is a renowned vaporizer company that specializes in cutting-edge dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. This 420 week, PAX is offering 20% off sitewide. There’s no better time to get the brand’s celebrated PAX Plus, a dual-use vaporizer that merges portability, convenience, and quality in one sleek device. Get yours now and take 420 by the horns. 

Delta 8 Resellers

Photo Courtesy Of Delta 8 Resellers

Looking for the top-performing Delta-8 THC products at the best possible prices? Look to Delta 8 Resellers, a family-owned and operated online marketplace bringing you the highest-quality hemp-derived products on the market. Check out their impressive product catalog, and shop for popular products like the 1G Face Melters Neon Series 510 Cartridges from Maui Labs. Choose from Lemonade Kush, Space Candy, and Super Glue flavors, and consider this 420 complete.


DynaVap is another outstanding vaporizer brand that does things a little differently. They’re the proud designers, engineers, and manufacturers of battery-free vaporizers for beginners and seasoned users alike. From April 13th to April 23rd, DynaVap is offering a generous 20% off most of their products. That’s not all. The brand’s celebrated special bundles will be listed from 23-43% off! Shop now and vape to your heart’s content this 420.

Serene Tree

When you’re looking for high-quality, locally sourced and produced hemp, CBD, and Delta-8 products, look to Serene Tree. This brand launched in October 2019 and has since become a celebrated provider of quality hemp nationwide. This passion project brand has an exceptional deal this 420. Serene Tree is offering 42% off sitewide with the code 420 at checkout. Plus, all orders will receive a free Delta-8 Flower!

Melee Dose

Want an unmatched deal this 420? Melee Dose has you covered. This brand knows all about high-quality offerings, and their 420 Vape Bundle is a prime example. This 420, Melee Dose is offering an exclusive deal for 5 2g Live Resin Disposable Vapes. That’s 10 grams of rare cannabinoids like Delta-9 THC, HHC, Delta-8 THC, CBN, and strain-specific terpenes in Wedding Cake, Grape Gushers, and Orange Creamsicle offerings.

Throughout April, you can enter to claim a free sample of Melee’s ultra-rare 39mg THC edible diamonds. Not to mention the 48% discount on the Mix and Match bundle. Melee Dose does 420 best.


You’ve never experienced gummies like these. At Sunmed, they’re all about helping you reach your desired state of wellness through various cannabinoids. Looking to experience the entourage effect and experiment with new cannabinoids? You’re in luck. This 420, you can get Sunmed’s tried and true Above + Beyond Pectin Full Spectrum Gummy Blend for 20% off! In fact, you can get all of the brand’s products for 20% off. Experiencing the psychoactive effects of new cannabinoids in gummy form has never been easier.


Photo By Moonwlkr

Moonwlkr is where extraordinary Delta-8 products come to life. This brand is ready to help you take one giant leap for stoner kind this 420 with the launch of their Limited Edition Delta 8 Gummies in a new and delicious Berry Daiquiri flavor. There’s more Delta-8 per gummy than ever before, making for a package total of 2000mg Delta-8 THC. There are only 2000 units made, so be sure to get yours while supplies last.


Photo Courtesy Of Stündenglass

Perhaps there’s no better brand to help celebrate 420 than Stündenglass. Their state-of-the-art Gravity Bongs are celebrated by celebrity stoners far and wide, from Wiz Khalifa and Seth Rogen to Mike Tyson. Wiz Khalifa even has his own Taylor Gang x Stündenglass Gravity Bong, which you can get at a great price. This 420, Stündenglass’ powerhouse gravity bongs are available at a festive price of $420. The brand is also offering up to 30% off accessories. Mark your calendar and shop the deal of the year. 

Rare Cannabinoid Company

Eager to explore new cannabinoids this 420? We know just the brand. Rare Cannabinoid Company offers a broad selection of oils and gummies across various cannabinoids. This 420, the brand has incredible deals going on. Buy one THC Mood Gummies Bottle, and get the second one half off! The Hawaiian Choice CBD Oils were $79, and now $59 in honor of 420. Finally, sign up for Rare Cannabinoid’s newsletter or spend $99+ and receive a free packet of 10 THC Mood Gummies ($25 value). If that doesn’t sound like epic 420 deals, I don’t know what will. 

Z's Life

Photo By Z’s Life

Based in New York, this design company is on a mission to develop and manufacture elegant objects that raise your cannabis rituals. Their products were designed to be timeless and present equal parts functionality and beauty. Goods like the Americana-inspired Brass Ztamp help you tamp your rolls while looking good in the process. Make each joint compact, even, and ready to burn.

Gold Standard CBD

Photo Courtesy Of Gold Standard CBD

Gold Standard CBD offers just that, the gold standard of CBD Delta-9, and Delta-8. It’s a women-led brand based in Grants Pass, Oregon, offering an impressive lineup of products across vapes, gummies, flower, and much more. From April 19 to 24, Gold Standard CBD is offering 50% off sitewide with code 420 at checkout. Browse popular goods like the D8 1ML Disposable Vape (available in 6 strains), and consider this 420 lit. 

Delta Extrax

Photo By Delta Extrax Via Instagram

It doesn’t get much better than the quality Delta products at Delta Extrax. This is the leading brand in the cannabinoid-infused market for a reason. Having mastered products with Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCP, THCV, and CBG, Delta Extrax is setting a new standard for federally legal hemp-derived goods. Their Maui Wowie Delta-10 THC Cartrdige is a mighty fine choice to help you celebrate this 420.

Chill Steel Pipes

Photo Courtesy Of Chill Steel Pipes

What’s better than cold hits on 420? Knowing that your bong water will stay cold for up to 12 hours. Don’t believe us? Experience it for yourself with the stainless steel bongs at Chill Steel Pipes. These are the world’s first double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel bongs with a sleek ceramic interior for smooth and flavorful hits. From April 13 to 20, Chill Steel Pipes is offering 20% off sitewide. Check out their options like the limited edition Tommy Chong Chill Bong, available April 13. 


Photo Courtesy Of Embarc

Embarc is a dispensary with 8 locations throughout California. This 420, Embarc’s dispensaries are hosting 3 major on-site events at the following locations:

  • Embarc Fresno
  • Embarc Redwood City
  • Embarc Chico (Grand-opening day)

From doorbuster gift bags and BOGOs to food, entertainment, and vendors, Embarc’s 420 celebrations aren’t something to miss. Check out some of their best-selling goods, like the potent and citrusy strain Orange Runtz, and kick off this special day with a party like no other.


Photo By Cloudious9

You’ve never seen a vaporizer like the devices from Cloudious9. This is a brand that comprises a dedicated team of designers and engineers who have no problem trekking off the beaten path. Their celebrated flagship devices, like the Hydrology9 NX, combines function, aesthetics, and innovation for an unmatched vaping experience. Elevate your 420 with a device you’ll be proud to show off.

Pinnacle Hemp

Photo By Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels

Pinnacle Hemp is where the entourage effect is at its finest. This brand launched in 2016 and has since become a trusted source of CBD and Delta products nationwide. Choose from Pinnacle Hemp, Kokoro, and Rift products, and experience the benefits of unique cannabinoid blends. Products like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites contain a generous 25mg Delta-9 THC per cookie. Sounds like the perfect 420 treat.

G Pen

Photo Courtesy Of G Pen

If you plan on vaping your way through 420, do it with G Pen. This celebrated vaporizer brand specializes in creating the most advanced and user-friendly portable devices on the market. This 420, the renowned concentrate vaporizer, the G Pen Micro+, will be listed at $49.95. Don’t miss the brand’s special 30% discount sitewide, with an additional 10% off with code HERB420 at checkout. Epic deals await. 

MJ Arsenal

Photo Courtesy Of MJ Arsenal

Sick and tired of lackluster bongs and dab rigs? Looking for glass that elevates your consumption with smooth and flavorful hits? MJ Arsenal is your one-stop-shop. From April 1 – 20, MJ Arsenal is hosting 20 days of giveaways with a handful of popular brands and notable influencers. Be sure to check out beautiful and functional pieces like the Turbine Mini Dab Rig to make the most of your concentrate sessions this 420. 

7 Points

Photo Courtesy of 7 Points

Don’t move a muscle this 420. Get high-quality weed delivered straight to your door courtesy of 7 Points, a true Californian cannabis brand. 7 Points offers premium cannabis products like their celebrated 7g Smalls Bags, containing top-shelf nugs across 5 unique strains. 7 Points currently offers delivery in Central Coast and Central Valley, now including San Luis Obispo. Check out what’s in store and re-up your stash from the comfort of your own home.

Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Photo By Homegrown Cannabis Co.

What better way to celebrate 420 than sowing seeds? We’re entering grow season, so now is a better time than ever to source your seeds for a successful fall harvest with help from Homegrown Cannabis Co. This team of dedicated growers offers second-to-none educational content brought to you by partnerships with the best growers around, like Kyle Kushman, Nikki Lastreto, and Swami Chaitanya. Choose from strains like Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds and watch your thumb turn green.

Delta Remedys

Photo Courtesy Of Delta Remedys

Stock up on Delta-8 essentials at Delta Remedys. This brand was founded by family members who truly believe in the benefits of Delta-8 and hemp. Luckily, they’re offering a great deal this 420. Buy any two products at Delta Remedys and get the third free with the code Four20 at checkout. Want our recommendation? You can’t go wrong with the delicious and potent Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies. Browse more products and see what’s in store for you this 420.


Photo Courtesy Of Vessel

Elevate your 420 with Vessel, a community-led company that’s changing the game for cannabis consumption through luxury accessories and state-of-the-art vaporizers. The brand’s trusted Compass vaporizer series lets you control the entire experience, from airflow to power settings. This 420, Vessel is offering 20% off sitewide and free shipping on orders over $99. Bundle and save an additional $20 on select vape and dry herb products. Deals like this don’t last.


Photo By XVAPE Vaporizer

Looking for a quality dual-use vaporizer? A solo dry herb vape? Maybe even a vaporizer strictly for concentrates? Find it at XVAPE. This brand was founded by two vape industry engineers striving to provide the highest quality portable vaporizers that maximize power, convenience, design, efficiency, and affordability. XVAPE’s beautiful Aria is one of the most trusted portable dual-use vaporizers on the market. Consider it a cloudy 420.

The Coachella Lighthouse

Photo By Lighthouse Marijuana Dispensary

If you’re in beautiful Coachella this 420, you’re in luck. The Coachella Lighthouse is a premium dispensary and cannabis boutique just down the road from the Coachella Music Festival grounds. Here, you’ll only find the highest-quality cannabis products and accessories on the market, like Connected’s THCA Infused Frenchies in Biscotti. This high-end dispensary is stunning inside and out, and their friendly, knowledgeable cannabis consultants are happy to connect you with your new favorite product.

Rogue Origin

Photo Courtesy Of Rogue Origin

This is hemp flower done right. Rogue Origin is a top-of-the-line USDA Certified, natural CBD store carrying farm-grown hemp harvested in Oregon. Experience the freshest hemp directly from the source this 420. Want our recommendation? Check out the soothing and relaxing Legendary Kush strain.

On 420, Rogue Origin is offering a festive 42% off all 1oz. and 1lb. hemp flower options with code HERB420 at checkout. Get yours while the deal lasts. 


Photo Courtesy Of Benji

A true connoisseur needs worthy accessories. What better way to take 420 by the horns than with an iconic Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit by your side? Get yours from Benji and consider your sessions complete. This 420, Benji is offering a stellar deal for stoners eager to smoke in style. Use the code HERB420 at checkout to receive 20% off your order. The discount is applicable sitewide but only lasts a day. Stock up at an unbeatable price.


Photo By Hemper

Need to stock up on innovative accessories? Hemper has you covered. This diversified cannabis accessory and lifestyle brand is the leader in unique monthly subscription boxes and a la carte shopping for daily stoner essentials, like The Hemper Box, an all-in-one kit featuring everything you need for the perfect session. Find everything from bongs, cones, bubblers, dab tools, grinders, and of course, subscription boxes you can’t find anywhere else.


Photo By Tnarg / Pexels

Vape to your heart’s content this 420 with Arizer. The team behind the brand are true pioneers in the vaping industry, having launched the company in 2005. Not only are their vaporizers world-renowned, but they’re offered at an affordable price. Devices like the tried and true Air MAX dry herb vaporizer will be an excellent addition to your 420 plans. Shop this Canadian brand today and experience best-in-class vaporizers that don’t break the bank.


Photo Courtesy of Weedgets

If you’re celebrating 420, it’s time to do it in style. While modern accessories and devices can help you out, Weedgets aims to help you puff with confidence by reducing coughs and increasing flavor, thanks to their renowned Maze-X Pipe. This pipe is often referred to as the Tesla of smoking devices due to its incredible filtration and futuristic design. This 420, Weedgets is offering 30% off sitewide. The time to get your Maze-X Pipe is now.


Photo Courtesy Of CannaAid

Looking to dabble in new cannabinoids this 420? Check out CannaAid, also known as the cannabinoid factory, thanks to their impressive selection of cannabinoids. In fact, CannaAid has the largest cannabinoid selection on the market, listed at affordable prices. This 420, you can snag a generous 42% off sitewide. The deal starts on April 19 and ends at the end of the day on April 20. Try fan favorites like the 3ML Giga Blend Glass Disposable and prepare for liftoff with help from 9 different cannabinoids.

SeaWeed Co.

Photo By SeaWeed Co.

Will you be in Portland, Maine, this 420? If so, swim on down to SeaWeed Co., the best Maine dispensary for your cannabis needs. Here, the staff is known as Mermaids, and they’re eager to connect you with a personalized cannabis experience through products that make a difference. SeaWeed’s High Seas – All Gas – Live Resin Cart is a prime example of the dispensary’s potent offerings. Stop by their Portland and South Portland locations today.

The Hemp Doctor

Photo By Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

For all of your 420 needs, call up The Hemp Doctor. He’ll be happy to prescribe you the safest and most effective natural alternatives on the market. Goods like the brand’s potent D9 THC Gummies are an excellent choice for edible lovers. They contain a generous dose of 25mg Delta-9 THC per gummy! And that’s not all. Be sure to use the code THDHerb420 at checkout for up to 70% off on select items! This is the best deal you’ll find this 420.

Consider It Flowers

Photo By Consider It Flowers

Looking to celebrate 420 with potent THCA Flower? What about Take N’ Bake Special Pot Brownies? Whichever you prefer, find your new favorite at Consider It Flowers. This trusted husband-and-wife brand is offering a great deal this 420. You can get 20% off your order with code 420FLOWERS at checkout. Browse rotating sale items and get a bang for your buck this stoner holiday.

Highly Curated Candles

Photo Courtesy Of Highly Curated Candles

How do you plan on celebrating 420? If there’s a cake involved, we know a brand that’ll help keep your celebrations lit. Check out Highly Curated Candles, offering an array of cake topper candles in the shape of weed leaves, blunts, and joints available in various colors. On 420, Highly Curated Candles is offering 10% off on all Leaf & Joint Party Paraphernalia Packs. Shop this generous discount on April 20 and consider your weedy celebrations complete. 

Dangle Supply

Photo By Dangle Supply

Smoking in style has never been easier, thanks to Dangle Supply. One of their most popular options is the praised, virtually indestructible, and portable DangleBong, the world’s first and only titanium water pipe. Dangle Supply is all about elevating your cannabis rituals with worthwhile accessories. The DangleBong is the perfect addition to the connoisseur’s 420 celebrations.

Flying Monkey

Photo By Flying Monkey

Achieve mindfulness and wellness this 420 with Flying Monkey. This brand is on a mission to make your experiences with cannabis as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Flying Monkey recently made waves with the world’s first microdose vape that uses nicotine and HHC in one beautiful and disposable device. The new Lifted Series brings you unmatched flavors, cloudy draws, and an elevated buzz you won’t find elsewhere.

Rogue Shop

Photo Courtesy Of Rogue Shop

Rogue Shop is a small family-owned hemp company specializing in products that elevate your well-being. They sold their home to move to Oregon and learn everything about the hemp plant. Whether you struggle with pain or seek to relax, this brand has your solution. On 420, check out goods like the potent 125mg Delta 8 THC Gummies or the handmade plant-infused pain salve, and grab 20% off your entire order with the code LIT20 at checkout. Cheers to affordable relaxation. 


Photo by ZAR Via Instagram

Want to support veterans this 420? Look to ZAR, a Texas-based brand that’s veteran-owned and praised for their high-quality hemp-derived CBD and THC products. The brand offers 22% off daily purchases for veterans and active duty service members in honor of Mission 22. Stop by any of their 25 retail locations, or hit up their online store for access to the best selection of CBD, Delta-8 THC, exotic cannabis, and the brand’s award-winning Delta-9 THC. Their 3.5g Moon Rocks Lava Kush is an excellent choice for a 420 sesh.

OG Seeds

Photo By Derrick Brown / Pexels

Whether you’re new to home growing or an expert cultivator, OG Seeds has the seeds you need. In honor of 420, now is the perfect time to sow your seeds and harvest your favorite strain a few months down the line. Luckily, OG Seeds is offering an irresistible deal. When you buy one pack of seeds on 420, you’ll get the second one free! That’s enough seeds to last you until next 420. Choose your favorite strain and watch your thumb turn green. 


Photo Courtesy Of Milkyway

You’ve never seen glass like the intricately-designed pieces at Milkyway. The brand has over 10 years of experience in sandblasting and glass-making techniques, creating bongs, pipes, and rigs that aren’t only functional but collectible pieces of art. They put immense thought and detail into each design. Check out their Unholy Coronation Beaker, inspired by games of chance and tyrant kings. Celebrate 420 in style and find your new favorite glass today. 

15% discount, code: 420SALE

Discount CBD Co.

Photo By Discount CBD Co.

When you need a boost of motivation and oomph this 420, check out Discount CBD Co. More specifically, the brand’s flavorful and effective Performance CBD Gummies will keep you relaxed, alert, and ready to seize the day. These broad-spectrum sweets are available in a mouthwatering dragonfruit flavor, keeping you stable and steady all 420. Whether you’re hitting the gym or whipping up some munchies, consider these gummies your greatest companion.

Marijuana Clones Online

Photo By Marijuana Clones Online

Why not skip germination? If only there was a way to find high-quality marijuana clone seedlings and get them shipped to your door. Oh yeah, there is. Celebrate 420 with premium clones you can tend to until harvest, courtesy of Marijuana Clones Online. No need to find seeds and watch them germinate. Choose from popular options like the Limited Edition Peanut Butter Breath Clone, and get $20 off your first purchase using the code 420 at checkout.

Kats Botanicals

Photo Courtesy Of Kats Botanicals

Not everything on 420 has to be weed related. This day is meant to celebrate the alternatives, herbs, and plants used recreationally and medicinally for centuries. That’s why we recommend Kats Botanicals. More specifically, check out the brand’s Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, the perfect energy boost you need for 420. Use it in the morning or to enhance wellness throughout the day. With 80% Green Maeng Da powder and 20% White Vein powder, you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time.

Preston Hemp

Photo Courtesy Of Preston Hemp

In search of a legal yet potent high this 420? Preston Hemp has you covered. This brand offers a long list of products to choose from, including hemp flower, gummies, concentrates, and more, across various cannabinoids like CBD, THCA, and Delta-8 THC. Better yet, Preston Hemp is offering a great deal this 420. Be sure to use the code HERB420 at checkout for 20% off your order. The brand’s Pinneaple Grapes strain is an exceptional choice.

Find The Best 420 Deals In Las Vegas At Jardín

Photo courtesy of Jardín

When visiting Las Vegas, cannabis enthusiasts can find a local dispensary that provides the world-class pleasure the city can offer. Jardín is the dispensary that has earned the reputation of the finest cannabis establishment in Las Vegas. Now that’s a big deal.

Jardín understands the experience begins with the beauty of the location and the customer service. 

Jardín has an elevated ambiance that inspires confidence in the quality of the products and an incredible staff that makes you feel welcome.

The highly trained staff will guide you through the selection process, showing the products that best fit your needs and making personalized recommendations. You will love every flower, pre-roll, vaporizer, concentrate, edible, topical, and more you can see in the store.

Don’t worry they’re open on 4/20 from 7am to 2am.

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