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Top Brands To Try This 420

The 420 countdown has begun. Prep yourself with these trusted brands.

420 is right around the corner. No matter how you like to celebrate this special day, be it with gummies or joints, we’ll help you find something worthwhile.

As our community and industry continuously evolve, we users are exploring new ways to consume cannabis, new cannabinoids, and how to master your doses for a high that feels right for you.

Luckily, the brands below always hit the spot. Below, we’ve included a highly curated selection of brands ready to elevate your 420 with their best offerings. From powerful vape cartridges to infused pre-rolls, there’s something here for everyone. The countdown starts NOW.


Photo by Modus / Instagram

Perhaps one of the most impactful brands yet, MODUS doesn’t just satisfy consumers with wickedly potent blends like their famed (and original) ‘Knockout Blend.’ They offer the cream of the crop at the best possible price. That, my friends, is their method of operation, AKA “modus operandi.” Here, you’ll find everything from powerful devices to potent gummies and even mushroom and kratom products. Shop now and enhance how you operate this 420.


For everything flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and diamonds, look to WNC CBD. This locally-owned family business in Ashville is deeply dedicated to providing exceptional experience through top-notch hemp products that don’t break the bank. Their THCa Flower Bundle is a hot commodity, not to mention the High THCa Dog Walker Pre-Rolls, coming with 10 joints designed for quick solo sessions (when you’re busier on 420 than you thought). Shop this reliable brand and consider your 420 taken care of.

Harvest Kratom

Photo courtesy of Harvest Kratom

It’s not just cannabis brands satisfying consumers this 420. If you’re after some of the highest quality and easily accessible kratom around, look to Harvest Kratom. Our top pick? The 1 Kilo Variety Pack, not only because there are 10 powerful strains to choose from, but it’s handled with care from the moment it’s harvested from Family-Owned and Operated farms in Indonesia. Though, it’s just one of the brand’s many contenders. Browse Harvest Kratom and introduce yourself to a new kind of 420.

Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

Photo courtesy of Upstate Elevator CBD

This family-owned hemp company stands out for its clean-crafted and certified organic hemp supplements, ranging from delicious CBD beverages and THC+CBD Gummies to CBN+CBG+CBD Extracts. Burlington, Vermont-based Upstate Elevator Supply Co. is your #1 source for full-spectrum hemp products this 420. They’ve spent years tweaking recipes and fine-tuning their blends to ensure you have the best possible ride on this elevator. Keep calm with the brand’s trusted CBD and cannabinoid blends for the ultimate mood boost.

25 Hour Farms

Photo courtesy of 25 Hour Farms

When THC doesn’t always treat you right, trust that CBD will. But not just any CBD. We’re talking about the highest-grade hemp flower on the market, available at extremely fair prices without sacrificing quality. The top-shelf strains at 25 Hour Farms are an excellent choice for a comforting sensory experience this 420. Choose from popular picks like Platinum Bubba Kush, Indoor White Wizard CBG Flower, and even Snow White CBG Kief. Because why not choose farm-direct for 420?


Photo courtesy of DANKGEEK

Calling all bong users: Looking for the freshest, smoothest tokes this 420? Bring out the best of your flower with the renowned LA PIPES SHOWERHEAD BEAKER BONG, now available at DANKGEEK. Handmade in LA, coming with a lifetime warranty, and available in single or double showerhead percs, this sturdy piece is a no-brainer. Shop now or browse the wide variety of bongs, pipes, vapes, and more at DANKGEEK to make this 420 complete.

MINX Cannatails

Photo courtesy of Nothing But Hemp®️

Not into smoking or vaping? We’ve found some gems from MINX Cannatails that’ll do just the trick this 420. While most weed beverages on the market contain THC, maybe a little CBD, and nothing more, MINX Cannatails introduces the feel-good, mood-elevating cannabinoid CBC in their renowned Mimosa and Pornstar Martini. Take it down on 420 or whenever you want a buzz. Zero hangovers, delicious flavors, and a bit more sophisticated than hacking up a lung. Shop MINX Cannatails and sip your way to bliss.

Nothing But Canna

Photo courtesy of Nothing But Hemp®️

Let’s face it, edibles are great until you’re looking for a quick buzz. And who has time to wait for that on 420? Get ahead on your trip with Nothing But Canna’s evenly-balanced Fast-Acting 1:1 THC CBC Gummies. With 10mg THC and 10mg CBC per gummy (and a line in the middle to divide it), these gummies total at 50mg per package and are available in strains like Pink Panties, Strawberry Cough, and Maui Wowie. Why wait for effects on a stoner’s favorite day of the year? Get yours now and prep for the big day.


Photo courtesy of Vena CBD

Whether you’re a newbie, a dedicated microdoser, or simply enjoy the mood-boosting effects of THC+CBD beverages, we’ve found one you’ll love. In fact, if you’re a fan of RHOC, it’s Tamra Judge’s favorite too. Brought to you by Vena, their Happy Place Seltzers (and all other goods) are powered by a deep belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality CBD products. And on a day like 420, we’re shouting that from the rooftops. Browse the brand and commit to feeling good on 420 and beyond.

five™ CBD

Photo courtesy of five™ CBD

Sick of CBD+THC products that don’t hit? Look to five™ CBD for an impressive collection of full-spectrum products you can actually feel. This brand specializes in unique ratios that help consumers predict their effects before they even kick in. Browse beneficial cannabinoids and choose from top picks like CBD+THC Gummies, liquid capsules, and even chocolates. When an overbearing buzz isn’t your thing, let five™ CBD introduce you to a new kind of 420. One where you can actually feel great.

The Hemp Dispensary

Photo courtesy of The Hemp Dispensary

This online and Florida-based dispensary is brimming with high-quality hemp products. Whether you prefer the easy breezy nature of THCa pre-rolls, a heavy-hitting dose of D9 with Delta 9 THC Lemonade, or delicious Delta 9 THC Cacao Bites, this shop is packed with stellar products for an epic 420. The Hemp Dispensary remains committed to excellence, and their comprehensive product line is no exception. Start shopping and find the perfect fit for you.

Nature’s Remedy

Photo courtesy of Nature’s Remedy

Why settle for basic THC gummies when you can take your buzz to the max? Only available at Nature’s Remedy Cannabis, the brand’s 200mg Gummies come in 6 delicious flavors and contain 20mg THC per piece. Even better, you can get FIVE for $35! But that’s not all in store here. Nature’s Remedy Cannabis – Ferndale’s Hidden Gem – is the ultimate hub for stoner preparation this 420. Stop by today and make the most of the upcoming special day.


Photo by Grav

Few brands are as iconic as GRAV, so what better way to take 420 than with their trusted accessories? After all, your session is only as good as your tools, and that’s where GRAV comes in. This 420, spark up with game-changing glass like the GRAV Empress Bong, or puff in style with the GRAV Gandalf Pipe. Or maybe it’s time to introduce the squad to a gravity bong like the renowned Large Gravitron. Whichever you choose, let this trusted brand take your 420 to new heights.


4/20/24 is right around the corner. Why doesn’t it feel like the future of weed is upon us, especially for bong smokers? We’re thrilled to introduce you to Weeday, a brand on a mission to level up your smoking gear with quality accessories that are both functional and hygienic, like The Bong. It’s a sleek, detachable, modular bong that’s effortless to clean and easy to customize for a truly personal session. Why pass that up this 420? Shop Weeday and treat yourself to gear that lasts.

Delta 8 Resellers

Photo courtesy of D8 Resellers

We love Delta 8 Resellers for a few reasons. One, they carry the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to Delta 8 brands. Secondly, their product selection is simply unmatched, providing varying effects with powerful picks like the Torch Haymaker Gummies and Maui Labs Face Melters Gummies or even mellow options like the Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape. This family-owned and operated online marketplace has just about anything to take your 420 from good to great. Shop now and see for yourself.


Photo by Looper

We know seasoned users are looking for a kickass buzz on 420. For that, we’d point you in the direction of Looper, an LA-based brand on a mission to satisfy consumers with the most powerful cannabinoid blends. Check out their THCA Live Rosin Pre-Rolls: Slurricane, loaded with high-grade THCA flower, infused with THCA, coated in THCA Live Rosin, and dusted with THCA Diamonds. What’s not to love? Order yours now and take this 420 to the max.


Photo courtesy of VIIA Hemp Co

The wonderful world of VIIA Hemp brings you unparalleled hemp flower and various products that highlight the true essence of this special plant. Committed to innovating with the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, VIIA Hemp offers a jam-packed lineup of the strongest and most flavorful THCA strains, from Tangerine Dream to Guava Kush. And you bet they’ll have an epic 420 deal this year – not just for flower but for their impressive catalog of game-changing products. Start browsing and find your new go-to.

Best Buds Premium Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Best Buds Premium

If you’re on the hunt for cannabis that’s not only top-shelf but legal, look to Best Buds Premium Cannabis, an online cannabis company based in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. This brand is all about delivering an experience to its consumers, ensuring that your product enhances whatever situation you choose to use it for. Their THCA Flower Sampler is the perfect start, treating you to 4 potent strains at a great price. Shop now and stock up for 420 with flower that tastes and feels as good as it looks.

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