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Culture | 11.06.2023

Truemoola: Best Premium Hemp Products

Find your favorite products across various cannabinoids at truemoola.

Who doesn’t love hemp-derived products? Not only are they federally legal, but they can pack a punch, depending on which cannabinoid you choose. 

Luckily, there are plenty of cannabinoids to choose from across various product formats at truemoola. This hemp extract brand carries everything from Fun Cube Blueberry Raspberry HHC Gummies to Ice Cream Cake D8 Disposable Vapes, not to mention other hemp-derived products like prerolls, tinctures, and even organic herbal shisha blends.

Intrigued? Read on for more information about truemoola and some of our recommendations from this premium brand.

About truemoola

When you’re looking for hemp-derived products done right, look to truemoola. This hemp extract company prides itself on providing you with the means to achieve your desired mental state. 

Truemoola is deeply committed to ensuring you receive nothing but the highest quality hemp extract products that make a difference in your day to day. Their products are rigorously lab tested and carefully examined by their team of professionals to ensure accurate doses, maximum safety, and premium quality.

At truemoola, you’ll receive the following:

  • Products made by professionals and tested by third-party labs
  • Free standard shipping with every purchase
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Trust that truemoola wouldn’t carry any products that don’t live up to the brand’s reputation of excellence. Plus, if there’s a certain product or cannabinoid you think truemoola should carry, feel free to let them know. They’re always eager to hear your feedback.

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As mentioned, truemoola’s product catalog ranges far and wide. They carry everything from Delta-8 THC disposable vaporizers to potent HHC gummies. See below for our top recommendations.

Fun Cube Blueberry Raspberry HHC: These natural and vegan Fun Cubes from truemoola lift the mood and calm the body with an extra strength dose of 600mg Infused Full-spectrum HHC. Also available in other flavors, these Blueberry Raspberry Gummies are equally as delicious as they are potent, with each gummy containing 60mg HHC.

Happy Tube HHC Unicorn Poop (Hybrid) – 1.5g Preroll: Who doesn’t want to puff on a joint of Unicorn Poop? This packed preroll uses hand-trimmed flower; never shake or trim. It’s a smooth smoke that’s loaded with 24% HHC in this delightful and uplifting hybrid strain. It’s bursting with citrusy aromas and flavors, thanks to its dominant terpene limonene. Not to mention other aromas like grape, berries, and honey.

Ice Cream Cake D8 Disposable Vape: Looking for a rechargeable disposable that gives you every last drop of your oil? Check out this Ice Cream Cake D8 Disposable Vape from truemoola. Created with one of the most legendary strains known to stoner kind, this vaporizer contains pure Delta 8 distillate with a surreal blend of terpenes for a true-to-plant experience. The best part? Plug it in when the battery dies, and toss it when you’re done.

For more products and information about truemoola, visit their website at

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