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Veil’s Odor-Eliminating Sprays Invite Considerate Smokers To Consume Wherever And Whenever

Don't mask your lingering weed smell; eliminate it with Veil's OG Spray.

The cannabis space is constantly evolving. Thanks to responsible and thoughtful consumers like you, the world is changing how they view cannabis and those who use it.

As decriminalizationlegalization, and destigmatization continue to spread; it’s only fitting that we consumers are considerate about our consumption and use the plant responsibly. Nobody looks up to a person with liquor on their breath, and the same goes for someone who leaves a trail of dank everywhere they go.

At Veil, they strive to help you consume whenever and wherever you please without danking up a storm. If you consider yourself a thoughtful stoner, Veil’s odor-eliminating products are for you. Learn more about the brand and its flagship products below.

About Veil

Co-founded by Noah Kotlove and Spencer Joynt, Veil was created with the ever-changing nature of the cannabis culture in mind. The team behind the brand understands how cannabis is a part of everyday life, and they strive to help you be confident in your sessions, wherever or whenever you please.

Although consumers love the pungent aroma of cannabis, others don’t. That’s why Veil set out to create effective odor-eliminating sprays that only use the cleanest ingredients and most refreshing aromas. Yes, there are other odor-eliminating sprays on the market, but far too many of them smell foul and contain harmful ingredients we should never inhale.

At Veil, they produce a non-toxic and design-conscious spray that not only breaks down the molecules in cannabis smoke but replaces the smell with an essential oil fragrance that anyone can enjoy. Instead of masking the weed smell, Veil eliminates it for good.

Odor-Eliminating Sprays

Veil’s flagship OG Spray comes in 8oz and 2oz sizes. The brand has worked closely with chemists with over 30 years of experience developing renowned household products that freshen your space. Veil’s OG Spray is no different.

These non-toxic, eco-friendly, USA-made sprays offer refreshing notes of sweet orange, cracked black pepper, and Virginia cedar for an aromatic combination like no other.

In case you need some on-the-go odor elimination, Veil also offers a TSA-approved and pocket-sized, travel-friendly bottle for all of your out-of-home sessions. They also offer a Stock-Up Bundle and The Gifter Bundle to keep your and others’ future sessions odorless.

After all, it’s our job as consumers to lead by example and use the plant responsibly in order to showcase the evolved, sophisticated, and thoughtful cannabis community we’re proud to be a part of.

For more information about Veil, visit their website at

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