Culture | 08.19.2022

Vic Mensa’s ’93 Boyz’ Is The First Black-Owned Weed Brand In Illinois

The rapper's new cannabis brand focuses on elevating the underserved and funneling proceeds into disproportionately impacted communities.

Instead of cracking open the “Liquor Locker,” Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is venturing into cannabisHis new brand, 93 Boyz, is something close to his heart.

Before I ever sold a rap, I sold an eighth.” Impressively, Mensa‘s new brand is the first Black-owned and Black-led cannabis brand in Illinois.

The “Dark Things” rapper had his mind set on selling weed before his music career blossomed. That said, he got to know the Illinois cannabis scene like the back of his hand, long before the plant was legal in the state.

“The recreational market is brand new in Illinois, and I’ve been working to enter it from its inception.” Now, he’s proud to bring Illinois its very first Black-owned brand from someone deeply intertwined with the state’s cannabis space.

But that’s not all. 93 Boyz is on a mission for the greater good. It seeks to elevate and reinvest in communities that have been plagued with “outdated laws, prejudices, and assumptions regarding cannabis consumption,” Mensa told Forbes.

And, of course, the brand targets the recreational consumer with “the headiest product available in the state,” he added.

93 Boyz’s product line includes the following;

  • Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Strain-specific vape cartridges
  • Various other goods ranging from Sativa to Indica

Furthermore, the brand is focused on sustainability and ensuring its weed is grown with the utmost respect to the earth. For that reason, 93 Boyz has partnered with aeriz, an aeroponics cannabis cultivator that promises to grow eco-friendly and sustainable products for all consumers.

Finally, one of the most impressive initiatives from 93 Boyz is its partnership with the non-profit organization Books Before Bars. The organization gives books to prison libraries around the state and ensures individuals have access to resources that could drastically change their time in prison.

Through the partnership with Books Before Bars, 93 Boyz will send a large number of books to Cook County Jail.

Additionally, now that cannabis has evolved into a profitable industry, Vic firmly believes that cannabis tax revenue should be used as reparations to underserved communities, “like literal cash payment reparations, subsidized housing, education, everything.”

Mensa described the brand as a “socially minded spirit,” where proceeds are funneled back into communities most impacted by prohibition.

For more information about Vic Mensa‘s new cannabis brand, visit its website at

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