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Culture | 03.03.2023

Welcome To STIIIZY’s Canna Crib

Canna Cribs stopped in at Stiiizy's cultivation facility for a close-up look at the company's expansive operations.

On the latest episode of Canna Cribs, the co-founder of Growershouse and Canna Cribs, Nate Lipton, took us around California’s number one cannabis brand by volume, STIIIZY.

The impressive Stiiizy facility is constantly expanding, and so are the company’s retail storefronts. The property sits on 40,000 square feet of land with an active canopy of 15,000 square feet.


David Gonzalez, Plant Tissue Culture Director, showed Lipton around STIIIZY’s plant tissue culture. Gonzalez explained the differences between human cells and plant cells, noting that a plant’s meristematic cells can be brought back to their youth and transformed into an entirely new, young plant.

There was a zen ambiance in the air during their conversation, partly due to the relaxing meditation music playing in the background.

Gonzalez stated that the music plays “one, for our employees,” and two, the many scientific papers pointing out how upbeat music can help plants grow better.

At the STIIIZY facility, relaxing music is constantly on a loop for our little green friends.

The company has six rotating strains in production but has more than 165 strains in its tissue culture lab to either save or bring back to the masses.

Rodriguez showed us her topping techniques, which include giving plants a “haircut” to help produce growth towards the bottom for a wider, branch-heavy plant.

Ryan Ly, Senior Director of Cultivation, showed us the lines of trellises holding up STIIIZY’s mature cannabis plants alongside the many Quest dehumidifiers that were designed for superior energy efficiency.

In terms of his favorite strain he grew at the facility, Ly is a big fan of Blue Burst and Sour Apple. In fact, he was able to grow one Blue Burst strain with a whopping THC content of 40%, which quickly widened Lipton’s eyes.

Interestingly, Canna Cribs had never shot an analytics-specific scene, but Junior Analyst Craig Smith changed that up. He described his job as being the “eagle eye” for STIIIZY’s operations.

Smith can look at what’s going on in each room on a day-to-day basis. Smith tracks and follows it all from his analytics room from temperatures and lights to water and humidity.

The last stop at the STIIIZY facility was with Vice President of Business Operations, Preston Hytinen. He took us through the company’s weighing, drying, and trimming process.

Have you ever wondered why STIIIZY’s buds are so neatly trimmed and always consistent?

  • Trim managers will only use 4 to 5 branches at a time
  • They don’t rush the process
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Photo courtesy of STIIIZY

Lena Song, Director of Retail, let us know that STIIIZY’s operations are not slowing down. 

There are currently 20 storefronts throughout California, which should reach 40 by the end of 2022. 

With all the careful behind-the-scenes processes that STIIIZY’s precious flower goes through, it’s no wonder why the company has managed to take the Californian cannabis scene by the horns. 

For more information about STIIIZY, check out its website and grab the best California-grown flower on the market. 

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