Photo courtesy of Steve Will Do It

Culture | 10.14.2021

When It Comes To Weed, SteveWillDoIt

This member of the Nelk Boys makes some of the most badass videos one can find.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Nelk Boys, running amock around Canada during their early years, but have since expanded into the states with their evolving brand that seems to only get bigger.

With the core members, Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani is none other than Stephen Deleonardis, a.k.a., SteveWillDoIt. Thanks to his unique and risky stunts, Stephen has amassed a loyal and hungry following with his stimulating content, often involving drinking, eating, or consuming high quantities of certain products.

Photo courtesy of SteveWillDoIt

Our favorite stunt by far is his “Attempting to take a 100g dab” YouTube video. The video has racked almost 4 million views, and here’s why. Stephen is a full-fledged risk-taker who can make even the most experienced stoners wince at the sight of his powerful products and hilarious attempt to over-indulge.

What gave us a giggle was his 2019 YouTube video, “Smoking 21 Joints For My 21st Birthday!” While casually conversing with the camera about the many unique experiences he’s gotten himself into, Stephen rips through 21 joints ever so effortlessly.

It makes us wonder, how was he able to smoke such a crazy amount of weed for his legal birthday? We give him props, though, because it’s clear that practice makes perfect.

It’s safe to say that SteveWillDoIt is genuinely dedicated to his exciting craft. If you’re ever looking for a YouTuber to stimulate your mind and risk it all for exciting content, look no further, because SteveWillDoIt.

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