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Culture | 09.30.2022

WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Launches Cannabis Brand ‘RVD’ In California

The wrestler's new line of products has a recognizable edge in a sea of average brands.

Known as one of the best American professional wrestlers with various world championships under his belt, Rob Van Dam is now elbow-dropping his way into cannabis.

Through an exclusive agreement with California-based cannabiotech company Grapefruit USA, Van Dam is set to launch his RVD brand in the thriving California market.

Van Dam has been a cannabis advocate for years, which started with smoking his first joint alongside pro wrestler Jimmy Backlund, aka Jimmy Del Ray. Impressively, Van Dam is one of two wrestlers that have ever held several world championship titles, including:

  • WWE
  • ECW
  • TNA

Now, he’s ready to bless Californians with his own branded products. CEO and co-founder of Grapefruit, Bradley J. Yourist, said in a press release how the industry has evolved to a place that’s “fundamentally focused success in the retail marketplace around effective product branding.”


We’re not too sure what sort of branding RVD has in store for us, but Yourist is confident that RVD will attract more sales considering that “the well-known cannabis brands are the ones that consumers will choose.”

He even mentioned how the new strategic partnership with Rob Van Dam fits the new “Cannabis 3.0 environment, which is all about creating exciting and popular branded cannabis and hemp-based products.”

Now, with a little help from fans across California, RVD is excited to make waves in the golden state with the highest quality goods geared towards recreational consumers and medical patients.

Yourist added that RVD will only be in California for now but eventually will launch nationwide in legal states. All RVD products were designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of consumers and patients alike.

There is currently no word on which dispensaries will carry RVD products, but the brand’s launch throughout the state is expected sometime soon.

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