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Xula Herbs Strives To Ease Periods, PMS, & Menopause With Botanicals

Show Aunt Flo who's boss with the obsessively tested products at Xula Herbs.

If conversations about periods and menstrual struggles make you uncomfortable, tough.

It’s no secret that women, non-binary individuals, and many trans men struggle with their periods. Finding a product that truly makes a difference can be a serious challenge.

Even more prevalent are the individuals who experience issues and painful symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. So why have we accepted pain as the norm when there are safe and natural options that can help us better than typical over-the-counter treatments?

When you want to feel at your best even when your hormones aren’t on your side, look to Xula Herbs, your allies for better periods, cycles, and overall wellness.

About Xula Herbs

Xula Herbs has spent over two years rigorously testing its products to help you have a good cycle, something many individuals thought could never exist.

If you dread your monthly visit from Aunt Flo, meet your allies Karina Primelles and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey, co-founders of Xula Herbs. Both ladies share a profound and mutual respect for plant medicine, and they were keen to provide herbal solutions in an industry that severely lacks them.

Experiencing a comfortable menstrual cycle shouldn’t be a luxury but a right. That’s where Xula’s clinically-effective and transformative botanicals come in.

All CBD products from Xula Herbs are from its women-led, family-owned hemp farm, Xula Farms on Latgawa, Upland Takelma, and Cow Creek Umpqua territories in Southern Oregon.

Products Designed For Periods, PMS, & Menopause

Photo by Xula

Are you in need of full-body womb and cycle support? Xula Herbs is dedicated to easing:

  • Periods
  • PMS
  • Menopause hormonal balance
  • Overall wellness

By partnering with expert herbalists and doctors, Xula Herbs proudly offers formulas that target your specific issues better than any other over-the-counter medication or treatment you can find at the drugstore.

All products at Xula Herbs were designed to restore balance in your life, tipping the scales in favor of your personal health and well-being, be it physically or mentally. Expect 100% clean, organic, and triple-lab-tested formulations in dainty packaging at affordable prices.

Who knew there was such a thing as a comfortable period? When you want to feel like yourself throughout your entire cycle, not just when you stop bleeding, treat your body to what it deserves with the healing botanicals at Xula Herbs, putting a new face to old Aunt Flo.

For more information about Xula Herbs, check out its Instagram page and visit its website at

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