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Culture | 08.19.2022

Xzibit Says He Can’t Wait To Legally Advertise His Cannabis Brand During The Super Bowl

The rapper and actor is hopeful that his cannabis brand will be the first weed company to air ads on television, and hopefully during the Super Bowl.

Cannabis brands and influencers are no strangers to challenges when it comes to advertisements.

It’s a dream for weed companies to see their brand’s name in shining lights on commercials, billboards, and maybe even a slot during the Super Bowl.

For rapper, broadcaster, and actor Xzibit he’s certain that his cannabis brand will be there for those iconic moments. You might know Xzibit for his music career and a handful of iconic collaborations with Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg.

Or, you could very well know him from being the host of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Fame aside, Xzibit has his own cannabis brand dubbed Napalm, a premium weed brand that stands behind social justice with each and every endeavor.

However, Xzibit explained that during his time on television, he began thinking about how different alcohol and cannabis are treated in terms of advertisements and commercials.

He says he’s excited for Napalm to be there for a lot of firsts that have not happened in the cannabis industry.

He said it would be fantastic if Napalm landed the first television commercial for Canada Discovery…I can’t wait until they have the opportunity to do a Super Bowl commercial, and he doesn’t care how much it costs.

But unfortunately, with the current illegal status of cannabis in the United States, we’re not sure when that might happen. We recently saw Willie Nelson feature in an off-air Skechers ad that saw him fighting to “legalize comfort.”

The advertisement was clearly about cannabis, with a few tongue-in-cheek nods to the comfort of Skechers. That aside, Super Bowl slots for cannabis brands aren’t something we should expect until the United States legalizes or even decriminalizes cannabis at a federal level.

Xzibit also touched on how tobacco and alcohol companies have been allowed to advertise for decades, even though both substances can be detrimental to one’s health and are far more dangerous than cannabis.

That’s when Xzibit went into detail about growing up and noticing that people saw weed as taboo and were still being locked up for smoking it.

Stigmas aside, Xzibit acknowledges that society is slowly inching its way toward normalizing cannabis. He’s just one of the many celebrities that recognize cannabis for its healing benefits and strive to help individuals get easy access to safe and high-grade cannabis.

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