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Zoma Cannabis Grows Santa Cruz’s Finest EnvirOganic-Certified Legacy Cannabis

This legacy cannabis brand takes pride in their Santa Cruz-grown flower, rooted beyond trend.

Accessing cannabis is easy. Accessing high-quality, organic, legacy cannabis is a bit more challenging.

We always encourage using your dollars with intent and purchasing from brands that are not only changing the cannabis game for consumers but for companies, cultivators, and the environment. Sustainability-grown, organic cannabis will always trump the competition.

If you’re located in California, you’re in luck. We’re happy to introduce you to Zoma Cannabis, a legacy brand that never fails to satisfy consumers in search of vastly different effects. From high THC to high CBD strains, Zoma proudly provides best-in-class, affordable, and top-shelf flower that beginners and connoisseurs can appreciate.

For more information about Zoma Cannabis and their impressive product offerings, see our rundown below.

About Zoma Cannabis

Zoma (pronounced “zoh-mah”) is a legacy cannabis brand “deeply rooted beyond trend,” notes their website.

The brand was created in 2016 and has since blazed the trail for what high-quality, organic, and ethical cannabis truly means. They’re thrilled to bring you star strains like Ringo’s Gift, named after the father of CBD, Lawrence Ringo.

The word Zoma, inspired by the Sanskrit language, aligns with feelings of peace and grounding. Their products are no different. All of Zoma’s cannabis has been rigorously lab-tested and grown using best-in-class practices and organic inputs while setting the bar for national organic standards.

See Zoma’s bold packaging and EnvirOganic-certified cannabis products below.

Organic Pre-Rolls & Flower

CHAMPAGNE | Tangelo x Boost: These balanced yet potent hybrid pre-rolls pack a sweet and citrusy punch with 22% THC, unmatched flavors, and superior anti-anxiety euphoria. Zoma also offers this strain in a 3.5 Organic Flower Jar.

SOUR DIESEL | Chemdawg x Super Skunk: If the former is a bit too strong for your liking, opt for the happy medium Sour Diesel pre-rolls with 18.7% THC and cerebral Sativa effects. Zoma also offers this strain in a 3.5 Organic Flower Jar.

RINGO’S GIFT | Harle-Tsu x ACDC: Looking for a high CBD strain? Check out Ringo’s Gift, named after the father of CBD, containing 10mg CBD and 0.4% THC. The 20:1 CBD:THC ratio activates the calming effects of CBD without the paranoid effects of THC. Zoma also offers this strain in a 3.5 Organic Flower Jar.

For more information about Zoma Cannabis, visit their website at

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