Why It Makes No Sense to Compare Weed to Alcohol

When we compare weed to alcohol, we reinforce the idea that they’re similar.

Kindness 3d is turning cannabis waste into prosthetic limbs. Here, a kid is shown examining his new 3d printed hand

Jacob Boudreau, founder of Kindness 3D, wanted to do something positive with all the trash from cannabis packaging.

In this photo, a man is shown smoking a joint. We explore in this article why cannabis is the ultimate self-care tool

Ready to deepen your relationship with the cannabis plant? Try these things.

This new cannabis kit will test your tolerance for THC, CBD, and risk of psychosis.

You Can Now Test Your Tolerance With These Weed DNA Kits. Here, a Man swabs the inside of his mouth.

“Problematic cannabis use” was not shown to increase in tandem with legalized cannabis laws—although “problematic” is never fully defined.

A woman smokes with her eyes closed. A woman smokes while sitting down. A new study cites that problematic behavior was not shown to increase in tandem with legalized cannabis laws.

“Cannabis has helped many others with cancer. I’m willing to put faith in it too,” Kerri Parker said.

Ex-Playboy Bunny Kerri Parker opens up about her choice to use cannabis during her recovery from brain cancer.

Curiosity, tentacle touching, and water ballet? Introducing: Octopi on MDMA.

A close up of octopi tentacles. Scientists recently observed octopi on MDMA and the results showed a lot of touching and water ballet.

Women are taking control of their pleasure using CBD.

woman lying down in a field. In this article, Herb explores people can use CBD for endometriosis.

CBD doesn’t just treat one condition, it treats the whole person—mind, body and spirit. That’s why CBD for women holds such powerful potential to generate wellness.

CBD for women helps a person get a restful nights sleep

Whether it’s more intense orgasms or less period pain, cannabis helps make being a woman even better.

A woman smokes a joint. Cannabis is helping to make being a woman even better, whether it be weed lube for orgasms or CBD-infused bath bombs.

Filmed in five major opioid-using communities across Canada, The Exit shows cannabis’ potential as a lifeboat in a time of crisis.

An opioid addict holds a needle filled with heroin and fentanyl in the opioid overdose crisis documentary "The Exit"

People have longed used cannabis as a sleep aid. But is it actually a safer and better alternative to over-the-counter drugs?

Close-up of a pharmacist dispensing tablets from a pill bottle. Research is beginning to emerge about the use and benefits of cannabis as a sleep aid.

Synthetic marijuana deaths in prison are a growing problem across the country as people who are incarcerated look for ways to get high that can be detected by a drug test.

An inmate is escorted down the prison hallway. synthetic marijuana deaths in prison.

According to recent data, nearly one in eleven teens vape cannabis using devices intended for nicotine.

Teens vape cannabis using e-cigarettes. In this photo, a young man is shown blowing smoke.

Teens buy weed easily on social media and, then, they sell it to their peers.

A teenage scooter boy smoking a spliff in Luton, UK in 2004. A new report found teens buy weed more easily than alcohol in the UK.

‘Noisy brain’ is when you can’t quell the stream of thoughts that keep a brain from resting.

Cannabis user could have something called 'noisy brain' new research suggests, in the continuous debate about whether cannabis helps with sleep or not.

Potent edibles and poor public education are to blame for a spike in emergency room visits.

Man in the ICU after surgery. In this article, Herb explores how cannabis edibles have spiked emergency room visits.

Former NFL Player Kyle Turley could barely recognize himself amid all the pain and confusion from injuries suffered on the field. Then, he discovered CBD for CTE.

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 17: Offensive tackle Kyle Turley, #74 of the Kansas City Chiefs, blocks during the game against the Denver Broncos at INVESCO Field at Mile High on September 17, 2006 in Denver, Colorado. Turley is now retired from the NFL and an advocate for CBD for CTE, a condition which severely disrupts the lives of many former athletes. (Photo by Doug Pensinger via Getty Images)

According to his family, Rolando Rosa was denied a liver transplant after the hospital detected cannabis in his bloodstream. He uses medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids.