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Ricky Williams Explains Why He Launched His Cannabis Brand

In The Bakari Sellers Podcast, NFL star Ricky Williams had lots to say about his cannabis and lifestyle brand.

The National Football League’s former running back superstar Ricky Williams is now deep into the cannabis industry with his new brand and lifestyle company, Highsman.

The name is a play on words of his 1998 award of the Heisman Trophy. In a half-hour-long interview with The Bakari Sellers Podcast, Williams opened up about why he left the NFL to start the cannabis and lifestyle company.

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It’s no secret that Ricky Williams has been an avid cannabis consumer for quite some time now. During his 11-year-long football career, he’s been suspended five times for breaching the NFL’s substance abuse policy. But it’s not all about getting high for Williams; it’s about his belief in the proven health benefits that the plant has to offer.

Highsman’s website states that he’s “undeterred by people’s ignorance” and that he “set off to study the origins of cannabis in the foothills of the Himalayans. Ricky now lives the wisdom of what he discovered on his journey, and yes, it includes smoking weed daily.”

Photo Courtesy of Highsman

On The Bakari Sellers Podcast, Williams noted that he’s well into the spiritual world. Upon his football career, he noticed that the career aspect of his life was good, but everything else didn’t quite fall into place, where he attempted to make a few changes.

He later mentioned that when he got into the drug program, the NFL doctors treated him like he was a sort of “chess piece, in danger of getting in trouble and losing the game.” He continued that “their job was to fix me, not look at me as a curious, philosophical human begin who’s using cannabis to explore consciousness.”

Sellers then asked Williams how he would incorporate cannabis into the wellness and recovery regime of professional athletes. Williams noted that if he were coaching in a perfect world, he’d “have a professional conversation with each player to see where they’re at in life and where they need guidance.”

Williams mentioned that Highsman is a “real brand;” he doesn’t have to try and sell anything; instead, it’s more of an invitation to live life positively and raise your vibration while using cannabis. He strives to destigmatize cannabis and make it known that mind-alternating substances can help us achieve our goals and be happier. 

Highsman sells three premium cannabis strains; a Pregame Sativa, a Halftime Hybrid, and a Post-Game Indica. You can find these strains and more information about Ricky Williams’ Highsman on their website

Photo Courtesy of Highsman

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