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Industry | 11.11.2021

This Cannabis Company Just Went Carbon Neutral

They're Wyld for the planet.

Founded in 2016, Wyld creates the best-in-class cannabis edibles using fruit and natural flavors. But what’s even more exciting is that the company recently announced that they’ve achieved Carbon Neutrality.

Wyld has achieved this by measuring, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions produced by its entire operations. The company has also transitioned all facilities to 100% renewable energy, a huge step forward for cannabis companies going “green.”

What started as three college friends over a two-burner stove in a farm building in central Oregon has developed into America’s top-selling cannabis edibles brand, and one that’s entirely eco-friendly. Wyld firmly believes in giving back to what they’ve taken from the earth, and they strive to minimize the effect of production on the environment.

Since Wyld was founded in 2016, it’s always been their goal to go Carbon Neutral, so the company is more than pleased to share the news with us today. Wyld’s website states that they’ve chosen 2020 as their “carbon footprint base year,” which will track the progress of how much energy they save with forthcoming yearly reports conducted by independent third parties.

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The company is currently recording data from their 2021 report and are dedicated to publishing their carbon inventory each year. For Wyld, Carbon Neutrality wasn’t the end goal but a step in the right direction. “We must do more; we will do more,” reads the company’s website.

Wyld understands that large-scale cannabis companies must take bold and critical action to support the global objective of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In doing so, Wyld also stated that they’re executing the following actions to improve their individual emissions.

First, Wyld is pursuing a zero-emissions pathway with Science-Based Targets Business Ambition for 1.5C. Once the target is solidified and established, Wyld will publish the target to make their goals loud and clear. Next, in 2022, Wyld is dedicated to joining Climate Neutral Certification and will continue measuring, offsetting, and reducing emissions as a part of their daily practices.

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Lastly, Wyld is focused on deep value chain decarbonization, and to achieve this, the company is redesigning its current plastic child-resistant packaging with more environmentally friendly materials.

They’re launching a single-use entirely-compostable child-resistant pouch in both Canada and the United States. Wyld will also continue to donate to nonprofits while organizing environmental projects and volunteering opportunities through their passionate Community Relations department.

Wyld plans to work with their partners to encourage them to record their individual carbon inventory and will also continue to incorporate energy-efficient appliances, lights, and equipment in all facilities. They’re adamant about reducing wastewater and enhancing their waste diversion processes. We’re more than pleased with what Wyld is doing, and we hope to see other leading cannabis companies follow in their Wyld footsteps.

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