News | 07.28.2022

Is It Common Courtesy To Leave A Tip For Budtenders?

There's a heated conversation sweeping legalized regions, are consumers expected to leave a tip when buying weed?

What do you usually tip servers at a restaurant?

While that’s a more personal question that varies from person to person and region to region, should we start considering leaving a tip for cannabis budtenders?

The conversation started on Reddit and prompted a long line of comments packed with opinions. One Reddit user posted a discussion that’s generated over 1.1K comments thus far. Let’s see what the general consensus is.

Not Tipping = You're Being Cheap

The Reddit user asked what people usually tip when they buy weed after quite an odd experience at their dispensary. They explained how the purchase was $130, and the pre-set tip option ranged from 18% to 28%.

Can we just take a moment to recognize how wildly high that is? Where I’m from, a 15% tip is the general percentage, and 18% or more if the customer received exceptional service.

However, the Reddit user explained how the budtender barely did anything.

“The girl behind the counter hardly spent 20 seconds grabbing a bag out of a drawer, 10 seconds ringing me up, and expects a tip for that? I didn’t even ask her any questions about the product; I knew what I wanted,” the user explained.

When they didn’t leave a tip, the budtender expressed, “It’s quite cheap of you not to tip these days.”

If We Tip Budtenders, Must We Tip Grocery Store & Liquor Clerks?

Other Reddit users were shocked to hear the story. Not surprisingly, most of them agreed that tipping a budtender is unnecessary.

Of course, if you‘re holding up the line and asking several questions or examining different products, maybe it’s best to tip. But if you‘re simply picking up a product or having a two-minute interaction with the budtender, tipping isn’t all that necessary.

Some users explained how the only time they tip is when delivering weed. “Just because her employer is a cheapskate does not obligate you to supplement her income,” one user wrote.

Others brought up the fact that tipping budtenders would mean tipping everyone behind a cash register or at any store. “Do we tip the people at the grocery stores too? For fucks sakes,” expressed another.

“No offense to any budtenders, but budtenders are basically the same as a liquor store clerk,” said one user with 16 upvotes.

Looking for the complete discussion on Reddit? Click here.

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