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legalization | 01.01.2022

Herb’s Legalization Party Was A Night For True Cannabis Enthusiasts

Herb partnered with Burb and MagicalButter to launch a legalization party that had one simple mission: spread good vibes.

With the Canadian cannabis market expected to hit $9.2 billion by 2025, the stampede to cash-in has brought many entrepreneurs into the market who have never felt zig zags and ground-up flower between their fingertips, let alone put that joint between their lips and lit up.

How can you represent a culture you have never been a part of? How can you represent people who you don’t listen to?

In order to represent the voice of cannabis culture on October 17, 2018, Herb partnered with Burb and MagicalButter to launch a legalization party that had one simple mission: spread good vibes.

The night included free Indica, Sativa and Hybrid joints for every attendee, CBD-infused cocktails, and giveaways of MagicalButter Machines.

The sweet smell of burning weed floated down a neighborhood block as cannabis enthusiasts, designers, creatives, and leaders of some of the most influential cannabis companies in the space stood side-by-side passing perfectly-rolled joints and watching an era of prohibition come to an end.

Against the background of neon-signs and the curated beats of a DJ flown in from Burning Man’s Black Rock City, everyone in attendance inhaled cannabis and exhaled the bullshit.

For everyone at the party, legalization was far from a novelty moment; it was a dream being realized. Cannabis culture isn’t just a hobby. It is baked into who we are.

This is what the zeitgeist of legalization felt like on the night nearly a century of prohibition fell.

A Herb staffer holds up a perfectly rolled joint. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
A neon sign showcases Herb’s mission; “spread good vibes”. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
For Herb’s founder and CEO, Matt Gray, legalization was a major signal that cannabis will eventually be as pervasive as coffee.
Papaya Punch is an Indica strain that was a massive hit at the legalization party. It left everyone who consumed it feeling happy and euphoric. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Uplifting beats created swells of positive energy in the air all night long. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Free CBD- infused cocktails kept all party-goers optimally chill, in more ways than one. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Herb’s Account Manager, Sonal Mandalia (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Jars of dank buds and phenomenal pre-rolls sit on the table at the Burb pop-up display. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
MagicalButter machines are the best way to make quality cannabutter with minimal effort. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Herb Staff Writer, Rob Hoffman. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
A video editor at Herb enjoys a toke of legal cannabis. (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Herb’s Social Strategist, Elaisha Green (Photography by Connor Fyfe)
Photography by Connor Fyfe

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