New Zealanders Are Desperate For Legal Medical Cannabis Access

From mothers to people living with breast cancer, there are a lot of ordinary New Zealanders that desperately need the herb.

New Zealanders

Cannabis is something that many people rely on. Aside from high-profile users and advocates like Helen Kelly, ordinary people need to light up as well. But when the plant remains illegal, it makes it more difficult for individuals to access it. These everyday New Zealanders have no choice but to turn to pot illegally to help with their illneses. From mothers to people living with breast cancer, there are a lot of kiwis that desperately need the herb. Hear their stories in the video by Story below.

Everyday New Zealanders turning to medical cannabis

Medical cannabis is becoming legal in many areas around the world. But New Zealanders still have no choice but to consume illegally. During the video, Story speaks with everyday Kiwis that have no choice but to break the law to access the medicine they need.

Sally is your typical mother that spends her days preparing meals, cleaning and taking care of her children. However, her daily routine just so happens to include illegal cannabis that she uses to treat her chronic pain.

Not only does it help with the symptoms she experiences from pharmaceuticals, but it also helps give her an appetite. However, with little funds for the plant, and the fact that it remains illegal, getting her hands on cannabis is not easy.

According to Dr. Huhana Hickey, people in a situation like Sally’s are afraid to take the illegal route but are suffering and have no other choice. In fact, she receives several calls a day from people, including retirees, that are desperately needing cannabis.

In general, this problem is one that is continuing to grow. As a result of Story reaching out to people that rely on medicinal cannabis, they were left with an overwhelming amount of responses from people from all walks of life.

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November 06, 2016
Written by Brittney Sanger

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