Legalization | 12.05.2022

Road To Legalization: Why Should A Country Legalize Weed?

For some, this is quite a controversial statement. For Herb, this is the only way forward. 

Let’s keep it plain and simple. If you’re reading this, it probably means you are either in love with cannabis or at least interested in it mildly. Regardless of your level of experience, legalization might be the best thing moving forward for yourself and your country. 

We want to take a look at the top five reasons why cannabis should be legalized. Whether this means complete legalization or a progressive and slow crawl through decriminalization and later legalizing it fully. 

Cannabis Is Considered a Multibillion-Dollar Industry

If this is your country’s priority, it might be a little sad. However, let’s keep it real. Weed makes money, money funds important projects, projects bring in more money, and the cycle continues. The cannabis industry has become both a force to reckon with and an important ally for other industries. 

Wherever weed has become legal, taxes, rates, and economic growth has followed. Not only does growing, selling, transforming, and producing cannabis-related products bring in solid cash, but it also makes other sectors boom.

The popularity of weed is growing. It is quickly becoming more normal to see people enjoying it freely. As such, the cannabis industry is one that can power or fuel other sectors of the economy with brilliant haste.

So, to keep it practical, it doesn’t matter if your government is a gold-diggin’, money-sucking machine. Legalizing cannabis will help both the private and the public sectors. 

Medicine For The People

The curative powers of cannabis are well known. There are more and more ways that cannabis can help us by the day, research just keeps getting stronger.  One of the most important reasons that governments should be looking into when deciding to legalize or change policies on cannabis and hemp is how helpful it is for millions of people. 

This natural powerhouse of a plant is capable of alleviating many symptoms of mental and physical issues and diseases. As such it is natural to believe it is more helpful than not, but some people just don’t want to open their eyes. 

The list of medicinal benefits just keeps growing by the day. If there are so many people benefiting from this naturally occurring wonder of the world, why don’t we make it easier for them?

On top of being economically driving, cannabis is also in a way one of our planet’s gifts to us. Why keep it satanized and prohibited? Legalization allows for more patients to get what they need: weed.

Justice For So Many Unjust Trials

Marijuana is one of the world’s top reasons there are so many people imprisoned. Wait just a sec, let me rephrase that. One of the leading reasons there are so many people unjustly convicted is cannabis.

As an example, consider the United States. Many people have died as a result of America’s four-decade drug war. Marijuana prohibition has been the most damaging aspect of that conflict. The cost can be calculated in a variety of ways!

To begin, it can be measured in dollars, billions of which are squandered each year in the aggressive enforcement of meaningless laws. It can be measured in time, whether wasted behind bars or taken from a child growing up without a parent. 

Unfortunately, it can also be measured in lives. Those who have been harmed, if not destroyed, by the startlingly terrible repercussions of even minor offenses. Since 1995, there have been over 15 million cannabis arrests in the United States. 

Cannabis Can Boost Tourism

Cannabis can be greatly influential in improving tourism in a country. Let alone cannabis can become an exclusive industry in a nation’s tourist scene! 

What goes along great with some marihuana? Let’s even improve that question. What activities are better when consuming legal weed? Food, entertainment, and leisure are three distinct industries related to tourism that have exponentially benefited from legalization. 

Countries and states that have legalized weed have seen a related increase in their tourism. People love being able to consume recreationally without taboos. To top that off, nothing beats being able to freely visit great restaurants and events while high.

Cannabis Regulation Means Safer And More Conscious Consumers

Cannabis is significantly less dangerous than alcohol, tobacco, and many pharmaceuticals. Countries that have legalized cannabis have greatly hit the informal market and set standards that are beneficial to the customer. 

Licensed cannabis businesses regularly must check IDs and are not permitted to sell to or employ minors. Meanwhile, there are many affected by the illegal cannabis trade. 

When a country regulates weed, the consumer benefits from better products, the best prices, and more sustainable practices, all in all, weed legalization will raise the bar, assist education programs, and bring the light back to such a beautiful product of nature. 


What’s The Bottom Line?

There are many benefits to legalizing. For citizens, visitors, and the government itself, there are plenty of reasons why legalizing is actually better than elevating and maintaining a stupid war on drugs. 

Come on! Especially when it comes to weed, we should already be flipping over to the next page. A new chapter where weed is legal globally.

Prohibition has resulted in discrimination, breeds violence, and is sometimes a tool for far more sinister agendas. There are far more benefits to legalizing than there are reasons to continue fighting cannabis. 

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