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Photo courtesy of Love Yer Brain

News | 08.30.2022

Love Yer Brain: Brain-Shaped Edibles From Flaming Lips Frontman, Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne's edible brand "Love Yer Brain" is for creatives, by creatives.

With so many products marketed as creativity-enhancing, how do you know which one is right for you?

Of course, you may have to experience the product before you come to conclusions. But, there’s one brand that has your back, only if you’re already creative, that is.

For Love Yer Brain, the edible brand from Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, he wanted to create edibles that don’t make you creative but enhance your creativity.

“Love Yer Brain is a little bit of a helper to let you get past these worst fears, these little hesitations, about what it is that you’re doing, what it is you’re about to do, and what is it going to mean, even to you,” Coyne explained.

About Love Yer Brain

The Love Yer Brain brand isn’t just any cannabis company but one formed by the frontman of the thriving psychedelic rock group, Flaming Lips.

Musician and entrepreneur Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips was “technically” in the cannabis business in 1977 when he started dealing pot to his buddies.

However, after countless successful ventures with Flaming Lips, Coyne decided he wanted to continue pushing the boundaries of music, art, and “general strangeness” even further, notes the brand’s website.

He did so by uniting art, weirdness, creativity, and cannabis through the Love Yer Brain brand, providing cannabis edibles for creative humans since launching in 2020.

The company’s website invites new and seasoned users to “take a trip inside the brain of Wayne Coyne with cannabis-infused edibles crafted in Oklahoma.”

The Nirvana Group x Love Yer Brain

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Photo courtesy of Love Yer Brain

More recently, Love Yer Brain entered a partnership with Oklahoma-based medical marijuana company, The Nirvana Group.

The new agreement will see The Nirvana Group cultivating and sourcing all cannabis used to create Love Yer Brain’s renowned edibles.

Love Yer Brain’s flagship product, its brain-shaped edibles, will also contain cannabis from The Nirvana Group’s cultivation facility to further expand operations into Oklahoma’s medical market.

Arshad (Adam) Lasi, CEO of The Nirvana Group, explained in a statement that his company is “committed to research, development, and distribution with the best brands in Oklahoma and to being a one-stop shop for progressive industry leaders.”

Besides Coyne’s native state, he’s keeping a keen eye on the psychedelic legal landscape throughout the Northeast and Southwest markets, eyeing how Love Yer Brain could potentially branch out with other mind-expanding products in prospective decriminalized states like Michigan.

Coyne says this partnership will allow us to reach even more creative humans so they too can enjoy not only the highest-quality cannabis products in the licensed market but also enjoy the absurdness and beauty, and awareness of the wonder of life.

For more information about Love Yer Brain, visit its website at loveyerbrain.com.

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