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Strains Sense: Get Wildly Creative With These 10 Strains

These strains will spark your creative touch.


Yes, LSD is a strain too. Quite like the original drug, this strain packs quite the punch. It’s a brilliant cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar-I-Sharif.

The effects from this 18% THC strain blast the user with tingles and dazzling euphoria that’s equally exciting yet relaxing. Letting your mind expand while you remain cool as a cucumber.


Photo by Marlen Stahlhuth

There seems to be a running theme here. You might have heard of the strain Acid or Acid OG. It’s a Sativa-leaning hybrid that sits around 20% THC for a spicy psychoactive kick.

The strain’s flavor is pretty unique; a gas-like battery with hints of earthiness.

It’s one of the closest strains to a minor psychedelic experience, perfect for any creative venture. 


Sour Breath

This fascinating strain crosses familiar Sour Diesel with hot Lamb’s Breath. It carries a hefty THC content of roughly 24% and fills the mind with uplifting thoughts and heightened mental energy.

This strain is a euphoric Sativa-dominant hybrid, it’s another great tool to get those creative juices flowing.

Pineapple Express

Photo by Marlen Stahlhuth

Anyone who’s used Pineapple Express can agree; it’s quite the buzzy head high.

There are some physical effects like tingles and pain relief, but it’s a kickass Sativa-dominant that makes you feel alert and ready for action.

The terpene profile gives it a refreshing citrus taste, and its 18% THC content will keep you lifted and seeking inspiration.

Blue Dream

This is another popular strain that’s praised for its cerebral and creative effects.

It’s a fruity and flavorful bud and crosses Blueberry and Haze, sparking the mind with a happy 18% THC content. Unlike other Sativa-doms, Blue Dream offers pleasant bodily relaxation.

A racing mind and relaxed body will have you hovering over your work for hours. 

Citrus Sunshine Haze

Photo by Marlen Stahlhuth

If you’re looking to smile until your face hurts, try Citrus Sunshine Haze. It’s the buzzy offspring of parents Super Lemon Haze and Kosher Tangie with 24% THC.

It’s packed with the terpene Limonene, which offers bold citrus flavors but also cheerful, upbeat effects. It’s a pretty balanced hybrid and prompts the mind to jump from one source of stimulation to the next.


Lemongrass is a comforting and balanced hybrid strain with roughly 17% THC. It’s a perfect strain for creatives who get a little paranoid with higher THC rates.

The high is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed experience that helps fight off negative thoughts and lets you get a hold of your inner creative abilities.

Kali Mist

This is another slightly psychedelic strain that’s widely used amongst all sorts of artists. If you want to wipe your mind’s slate clean of the day’s stress, Kali Mist will give you a whole new outlook.

It’s an incredibly productive Sativa strain that offers a ton of energy and clear-headed effects with 18% THC. It’s perfect for mastering your craft or starting a new project.

Nepalese Jam

This strain is quite rare but made the list for a reason.

It’s a balanced hybrid that offers just enough physical relaxation and clear-headedness to keep you on the grind. The buds are pretty powerful, with a generous 23% THC content. It’s known to keep the high rolling longer than most hybrids.

Blood Orange

Photo by Fanette Guilloud

This strain offers a very balanced high with equal amounts of cerebral stimulation and physical zen.

It kicks the user with 21% THC and maintains a steady flow of mental energy with many “ah-ha!” moments. It’s often used as a source of creativity or a simple pick-me-up.

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