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News | 12.28.2022

Find Luxury Glass And Ceramic Smokeware At TOAST

Let's get toasty with high-end, luxury pipes and weedy accessories.

What’s your favorite cannabis accessory? In the contemporary cannabis world, brands constantly invite us to elevate our sessions and raise our rituals with high-end cannabis accessories that you can celebrate every session. 

It’s thrilling to finally move beyond the times when we hid our bongs, pipes, and accessories when guests came over. Who’s to say we can’t celebrate these products and keep them on our bookshelves and side tables as weedy decor? 

If that’s something of interest, check out the superb design-forward and functional collection of smokeware from TOAST. Learn more about the brand and their products below. 


TOAST is a woman-owned smoke shop featuring everything you need to take your sessions to the next level. The company is based in Philadelphia but ships throughout the United States via its online store

TOAST offers a collection of aesthetically pleasing smokeware and smoking accessories for those who appreciate visual aesthetics and attractive additions. 

TOAST strives to separate us from the days when we hid our bongs and pipes in fear and shame. The company wants us to celebrate and cherish our smokeware in order to further squash the stigma around the plant we know and love.

The company’s website proudly states that it’s a member of the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis-related space that fully supports and funds equity-oriented initiatives through monthly donations and social campaigns.

TOAST raises funds and awareness for organizations that prioritize the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. Besides the company’s core values and advocacy, they carry just about anything you need for a visually pleasing, functional, and high-end cannabis experience. 

Design-Forward Smokeware

Photo courtesy of TOAST

TOAST offers various ceramic pipes that come in unique shapes, designs, and sizes, making for a quality cannabis accessory and a decorative conversation starter. The same goes for their glassware, showcasing soft and gentle color tones that relax the user before, during, and after their session. 

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or a seasoned one, TOAST has what you need to enhance your sessions effortlessly. From rolling papers and grinders to tools and storage, not to mention the quality glass and ceramic pieces, it’s safe to say that TOAST will be my next stop for a weedy upgrade. 

Elevate your sessions and experience the visual and functional benefits of sophisticated cannabis consumption. For more products and information about TOAST, visit their website at

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