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News | 11.05.2021

McDonald’s Delivery Or Cannabis Delivery?

This is the kind of delivery service we're looking for.

A delivery driver from Reading, England, was caught green-handed on Wednesday while carrying five bags of cannabis on his delivery route to drop off a McDonald’s meal order.

Police told BBC news that the 18-year-old man was stopped for suspicion of impaired driving and was later arrested. In a Facebook post, one of the police officers at the scene joked and said, “I’m fairly sure your burger and fries don’t come with a free bag or two of cannabis edibles.”

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The bags of cannabis were stored in the driver’s Deliviroo bag, a British-based delivery service. However, the moped driver was not working for this particular company at the time of the incident. Once he reached De Montfort Road in Reading, authorities were suspicious of his reckless driving, resulting in the driver being stopped by Thames Valley Police officers.

Although the driver did not work for Deliveroo but used to in the past, his five bags of cannabis were kept in the same thermal and insulated bag as the customer’s Mcdonald’s meal, which was in mid-delivery when the officers pulled him over. Not to worry, because police confirmed that the food was “safely delivered to the hungry customer prior to heading off to custody.”


To ensure that the man was impaired and not just driving recklessly, police officers made the man provide a roadside saliva test, in which he tested positive for cannabis and high amounts of THC. On top of driving high, the man was also arrested for driving without insurance, possession of cannabis, and not having a proper license to drive and operate a moped.

Since it all went down and he was taken into custody, the man has now been released under investigation, and authorities seized his moped. Mcdonald’s denied to comment on the issue, but we’re sure they were probably shaking their greasy heads at the fact their burgers probably had an aftertaste of rich cannabis.

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A police spokesperson said that the driver’s employer must be informed “of the clear food safety issues,” but this is also a sticky situation. McDonald’s works with a variety of delivery services. In North America, you can grab Mickey D’s from Uber Eats, Postmates, Door Dash, Foodora, Skip The Dishes, and in the UK, it’s only delivered through Uber Eats and Just Eat.

That said, both delivery companies branched in the UK could not confirm to the BBC if the driver was employed with them or not, so it remains a mystery.

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