5 Olympians Who Smoke Weed & Win Gold Medals

Olympians who smoke weed consistently win gold medals… Coincidence? I think not! Take a look at these top-tier toking gold medal Olympians.
5 Olympians Who Smoke Weed & Win Gold Medals

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The International Olympic Committee recently changed its position on cannabis use and testing. Did they do it because they believe cannabis is healthy? Did they do it because they were tired of stripping medals from well deserving athletes who smoke the herb? Or, did they do it because the Olympians who have been caught using cannabis are, in fact, the most decorated medalists of all time? We may never know the truth, but we can look at the top 5 gold medal Olympians who smoke weed and win gold medals.

1. Michael (Fort Knox Can’t Hold All My Gold) Phelps

1. Michael (Fort Knox Can’t Hold All My Gold) Phelps

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Yeah, you know this guy loves to treat his aches and pains with cannabis. Phelps was caught on film smoking from a bong in 2009, just 3 months after his historic 8 gold medal wins in Beijing. Phelps was suspended for several months as a result of the scandal.

Since then, Phelps has become the USA all-time leading medalist. With his 2 gold medal wins on Tuesday, Phelps tied Leonidas of Rhodes 2,168-year-old record for individual gold’s, with 12. Leonidas is fabled to be one of the fastest sprinters in history. Cannabis was very prevalent during his time, is it possible there is a “canna-connection” between Phelps and Leonidas?

2. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt admitted that as a youngster growing up in Jamaica, he occasionally used cannabis. Bolt hasn’t had any run-ins with the International Olympic Committee regarding cannabis use while competing, but I have a hunch that he knows how to keep things low key.

Now, Bolt is THE fastest man alive. If he wants to thank weed for that title, I’m sure that’ be OK.

Bolt, who ran his first race (100m) this Saturday, recently said in an interview that he will win gold in all three events he is running. There is certainly an air of confidence that surrounds Olympians like Phelps and Bolt. Is it “canna-confidence”?

3. Ross Rebagliati

3. Ross Rebagliati

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Ross Rebagliati does not have the name recognition that Phelps and Bolt do, but his role in cannabis policy reform in the Olympics is huge. In 1998, Rebagliati was awarded a gold medal for snowboarding, but not before testing positive for THC.

Fortunately, the International Olympic Committee hadn’t placed cannabis on the banned substances list yet, so they could not take his medal away. Shortly after Rebagliati’s run-in with the Olympic weed haters, the Committee voted to add THC to the banned substances list.

It remains on the list, but in 2013 the Committee voted to increase the acceptable nanograms to 150 in an effort to differentiate between active and passive users.

4. Nicholas Delpopolo

Nicholas Delpopolo is an American Judo competitor. At the 2012 London Games, Delpopolo tested positive for THC and was subsequently banned from the games. He claimed that he was unknowingly given an edible that was laced with THC.

Whether or not he ate the edible on purpose is debatable. I would have to assume that an Olympic level fighter knows his body. He is not going to risk an ass whipping because of being too high.

5. Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson is the lone female on this gold medal top 5. Anderson won Olympic Gold in the 2014 Sochi Games for Women’s Slopestyle. Winter sports stars are often looked at with a suspicious eye when it comes to marijuana use.

Though Anderson did not fail a drug test, nor was she punished for cannabis use, she did lead reporters to believe that she is a cannabis user.

So they Olympic Committee is starting to loosen up on their cannabis position. That’s good, right? I feel bad for the Olympians who have had medals stripped or missed opportunities because of these whacko weed policies, but they are the ones who inspired change. Keep winning Gold, enjoy a little ganja, and chances are you Olympians will be bathing in glory!

August 13, 2019
Written by Lane Tr
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August 13, 2019
Written by Lane Tr

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